Sunday, 10 August 2014

Is Health Canada Protecting Your Family?

Do mobile phones cause brain tumours?

While the scientific community is still arguing over phone safety, one man tells Maxine Frith why he has banned his children from using mobiles

brain tumor

"When Neil Whitfield was diagnosed with a brain tumour at the age of 44, he left the consulting room in shock.

He had been struggling with debilitating headaches, short-term memory loss and fatigue for months, and faced a brutal choice between risky surgery or leaving the tumour where it was and coming to terms with the fact that it would kill him within five years.

But what also shocked him was his doctor’s theory about what had caused the tumour.
“He said he was absolutely convinced it was my mobile-phone use,” said Mr Whitfield, from Wigan, Lancashire. “He told me that mobile phones were going to be the smoking gun of the 21st century in terms of cancers. I hadn’t even thought about it before.”

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