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Letter to BC's Chief Medical Health Officer about authorizing Microwave Radiation exposure on the public

January 28, 2015

Dear Dr. Kendall,

British Columbians Are Not Being Protected Against Non-Thermal Radiation The Biggest Single Threat To Human Health - Ever!

As British Columbia's Provincial Health Officer your mandate is to protect the health and well-being of all British Columbians, yet in the more than 15 years you've held that office, you have consistently failed to protect any of us - or yourself and your own family - from the known, documented dangers to humans, flora and fauna of non-thermal radiation! Even more harmful to all living things is the low-level 'pulsed' non-thermal radiation, which all of today's wireless devices emit - especially Smart Meters, but even baby monitors! These dangers have been known to honest scientists and militaries of the world for well more than 50 years, Dr. Kendall!  [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] [11] [12]

Dr. Kendall, it has long been known that Health Canada's Radiation Protection Bureau and their like-minded colleagues in Industry Canada are comfortably bedded down with the corrupt U.S. Military / Government / Industrial Complex, which U.S. President Dwight D. Eisenhower warned the American people to be on guard against in 1961. [13]  Ten years later, in 1971, then President Nixon's own Electromagnetic Advisory Panel advised him that: "power levels in and around American cities, airports ... and homes may already be biologically significant. The population at risk may well be the entire population. The consequences of undervaluing or misjudging the biological effects of long-term, low-level exposure could become a critical problem for the public health, especially if genetic effects are involved." [14] Dr. Kendall, this was almost 20 years before wireless devices as we know them today appeared in North America!

Given the above, should the Government of BC still elect to retain you as the PHO, surely now you would immediately urge the Minister of Health to establish B.C.'s own radiation protection policy that reflects much lower, much safer radiation Exposure Limits in order to protect the people, flora and fauna of our beautiful province? Any sane, civilized, democratic provincial radiation policy should always err on the side of caution and reflect the Precautionary Principle.

Dr. Kendall, it is imperative that each and every person in receipt of this email fully and clearly understands your views and stance on key aspects of radiation. Please clarify for them (and me) which of the following eleven (11) statements you, as PHO, concur with or reject because you believe it/them to be incorrect. Your disagreements should be supported with references to credible peer-reviewed studies done by 'honest' scientists - i.e., those not funded by industry or the U.S. Military. This qualification will exclude studies done by many of ICNIRP's, WHO's, ICES' and Health Canada's senior scientists who can be shown to have long ties to industry and/or the U.S. Military.

1.    All of today's wireless devices, e.g., Smart Meters, baby monitors, cell phones, cell phone towers, cordless phones, tablet and laptop computers, TV games, GPS systems, Wi-Fi routers, Wi-Fi installations in coffee shops, cars, buses, trains, planes, ships, parks, etc. emit low-level, pulsed, non-thermal radio frequency radiation or EMR (electro-magnetic radiation) which scientists and militaries the world over know is harmful to people, flora and fauna. [15] [16] [17] [18] [19]

2.    EMR ('radiation') from all devices (emitters) is cumulative. Scientists have coined the term "electro-smog" which is the resultant, aggregate 'cloud' of invisible radiation emitted by all of today's wireless devices, to which humans, flora and fauna are continuously exposed 24/7/365!

3.    There is no such thing as a SAFE level of EMR ('radiation')! All man-made frequencies are harmful to humans, flora and fauna - irrespective of power density or signal strength! Scientists and militaries know that certain frequencies are considerably more harmful to the human brain, the central nervous system and immune systems at power densities (signal strengths) that are tens-of-thousands of times weaker than Safety Code 6 Limits! [20] [21] [22] [23]

4.    Health Canada's "Safety Code 6" does not even recognize, let alone provide any protection against, non-thermal EMR ('radiation'). Health Canada's own Dr. James McNamee admitted in a Quebec Superior Court in February 2013 that Safety Code 6 applies only to thermal radiation (that which heats the skin)!  His admission means that no person, flora or fauna in Canada is now - or has ever been - protected against the 'non-thermal' radiation emitted by all of today's wireless devices! [24]

5.    Safety Code 6 originally was intended to apply only to federal employees, and then for just six minutes' exposure to thermal EMR ('radiation')! Yet, somehow, over the years, Health Canada has allowed that brief 6 minutes duration to undergo a complete metamorphosis such that today Health Canada - and the wireless and electric utility industries - would have the public believe that Safety Code 6 protects them from continuous exposure to radiation 24/7/365 - in perpetuity! Health Canada through its Safety Code 6 deliberately and consciously ignores today's real-life situation, whereby the entire population is exposed continuously 24/7/365 to an ever-thickening cloud of low-level, pulsed non-thermal toxic EMR ('radiation') from an endless and ever-growing array of wireless devices! [25] [26]

6.    Health Canada's Radiation Protection Bureau (and their counterparts in Industry Canada) are and have been for years in bed with the corrupt international radiation protection cartel (see below), which comprises: 1) WHO (World Health Organization), 2) ICNIRP (International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection), 3) ICES (International Committee on Electromagnetic Safety) and 4) FCC (Federal Communications Commission) - none of whom will admit that non-thermal EMR ('radiation') can produce harmful biological effects in humans, flora and fauna. All five agencies are puppets of the ICES, the czars of which are the U.S. Department of Defense - see 7. Below). Consequently, Health Canada's Safety Code 6 reflects radiation Exposure Limits which are virtually identical to the those of the cartel members! [27] [28] [29] [30] [31] [32] [33]

7.    Health Canada's own Dr. Art Thansandote is, and has been for many years, Co-Chairman of the omnipotent Sub-Committee 4 within ICES, which establishes the 'safe' radiation Exposure Limits for the USA (but which are promulgated to the world by the FCC). The principal members of ICES are: U.S. Air Force, U.S. Army, Motorola, Nokia, Siemens, Alcatel-Lucent and Bell. [34]  Health Canada's Dr. James McNamee and others from Health Canada and Industry Canada are members as well, as are three members of the "product defense" firm: Exponent Inc. Next to the USA, Canada has the largest contingent of ICES members of any country: 8 members! Safety Code 6's radiation Exposure Limits are virtually identical to those which Dr. Thansandote helps establish for the USA (via ICES/FCC)!

8.    Dr. Michael Repacholi, together with Dr. Maria Stuchly, both then with Health & Welfare Canada, established Safety Code 6 "safety" radiation Exposure Limits for Canada (1979). In 2002, Dr. Repacholi founded ICNIRP and became its inaugural Chairman and established ICNIRP's radiation Exposure Limits. Next he moved to the WHO where, as Co-Ordinator of the 10-year, $250-million International Study on EMFs (electro-magnetic fields), he was THE key person who established WHO's radiation Exposure Limits (2006).  Now Chairman Emeritus of ICNIRP, Dr. Repacholi is a consultant for industry and continues to have close ties to and within IEEE/ICES. Once again, it should surprise no one that Safety Code 6's radiation Exposure Limits are virtually identical to those of the WHO, ICNIRP, ICES and FCC - which are amongst the highest/most dangerous in the world!

9.    Health Canada will not admit that electro-magnetic fields (EMFs), which are present with all electricity, i.e., household wiring, household appliances, tools, machinery, high voltage transmission and distribution lines, power transformers, power sub-stations etc. are harmful to humans, flora and fauna. Scientists have known for years that EMFs cause leukemia, many other cancers and a host of other diseases in humans! Health Canada's posture reflects the degree to which the North American electric power industry was able to corrupt Dr. Michael Repacholi and the WHO's task force on EMFs! [35] [36] [37] [38]

10.    Health Canada and Industry Canada both have senior officials who regularly attend CWTA's (the Canadian Wireless and Telecommunications Association)'s Health Advisory Committee! The President and CEO of CWTA is fluently bilingual Bernard Lord, QC, ONB, former two-time Premier of New Brunswick and reputedly an aspiring successor to Prime Minister Harper when the latter eventually leaves office. Mr. Lord aggressively lobbies  - with astonishing success - all levels of government and private sector corporations across Canada promoting the widespread use of all of today's wireless products. Mr. Lord is also Chairman of Ontario Power Generation! [42] [43] A very powerful and influential man is he!

11.    Health Canada (like ICNIRP, ICES and FCC) will not admit that there is such a thing as Electro-Hypersensitivity or EHS. First identified in 1934, today it is recognized by the WHO and many countries of the world. EHS is a debilitating impairment which people suffer who cannot tolerate any exposure to non-thermal EMR and EMFs. Some suffer from even the weakest levels of non-thermal radiation.  An estimated 4-10% of world's population now suffer from EHS, which some have predicted will increase to 50% by just 2017!   [39] [40] [41]

In conclusion, Dr. Kendall, it should be clear to you now (and all addressees) that the evidence is compelling, overwhelming and absolutely incontrovertible that any radio frequency radiation - no matter how weak - is harmful to all living things, but none more so than the long-term, low-level, pulsed, non-thermal radiation emitted by today's ever-expanding constellation of wireless devices!  Were it not for the systemic corruption throughout Western industrialized countries, which sadly includes Health Canada and Industry Canada, today's "looming health crisis of our time" would be nothing more than a person's worst nightmare! Nor would wireless baby monitors and Smart Meters etc. ever be allowed in this - or any - country! On behalf of all British Columbians, Dr. Kendall, respect your Hippocratic Oath and start protecting British Columbians, flora and fauna against today's insidious and pernicious non-thermal radiation!


James G. ("Jerry") Flynn, Captain (Retired)

[7] The Microwave Debate, Nicholas H. Steneck, pp 117  -  
[8] The Microwave Debate, Nicholas H. Steneck, pp125, 125
[10] "The Zapping of America" Paul Brodeur (1977) -,,20070085,00.html   
[11] The Microwave Debate, Nicholas H. Steneck, pp 195     
[14] The Zapping of America, Paul Brodeur (1977)  pp. 228
[19] <>
[30] file:///C:\Users\Jerry\Downloads\Chapter_4_FINAL_doc%20(2).p
[33] ICES (SCC-39) Annual Report: 2011 - 2012
[39] The Microwave Debate, Nicholas H. Steneck, pp 81 

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Bill C-648 safety warnings and disclaimers to be posted on OUTSIDE of package of wireless devices

Press Release - Terrence Young (MP) Explains Private Members Bill C-648
On Monday January 19th 2015 Oakville Member of Parliament Terence Young announced multi-party support for his Private member’s Bill requiring manufacturers of wireless devices to place health warnings labels on their packaging.

Should Cellphones Come With Health Warnings?
Young said he wants the law to require manufacturers to put the advice that is now provided in booklets on the outside of the boxes instead.  He said one of the warnings these booklets now provide is to keep cellphones 25 millimetres away from the body. "If there's no risk, why do they tell you that?" Young asked. "It's all based on the precautionary principle; the precautionary principle is better safe than sorry."

Major Device Safety Warnings
Below is a list of warnings from every major manufacturer in the world found deep inside their user manuals warning consumers of the dangers of holding their device to the head or storing in pockets/bras. Most people have no idea. This information should be on the front package of every device.

Australian’s Telecommunications Giant sent a text message to its mobile customers to encourage them to take steps to help prevent their exposure to electromagnetic energy (EME)

Jimmy Gonzalez "Cell Phones Cause Cancer"
In honour of Jimmy’s efforts to warn people. He died a few weeks ago due to cell phone induced tumors. Please send to others to help get the word out by sharing on facebook at the very least."

Find your Member of Parliament using your Postal Code
Please write to your MP and tell them you support Bill C-648 to warn the public of serious long-term health risks from using wireless products

cc:  members of parliament to show your support for Bill C-648: see PDF attachment (note: copy and paste about 50 email addresses at a time)

Subject: Many thanks for Bill C 648

Dear Mr. Young,
I am writing a brief yet sincere and enthusiastic note to convey my thanks for your stance in parliament re cell phone labeling.  Also to the members from all parties who have supported you so far. 

Bill C 648, if it passes, will make a huge difference to the welfare and awareness of Canadians and others beyond our borders.  It is an important step.

Also, I thank you for the articulate and clear way you presented the facts at your press conference alongside C4ST.  

We need more people in our government who will do their due diligence, see beyond the status quo and speak for what is right.  You have done all three of these!

Please continue to pursue this line of thinking and action.  You have the support of countless people who have woken up to this issue, and will have more as time passes. 

 Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you!

Sent: January 20, 2015 11:52 AM
Subject: Bill C-648
Dear Mr. Hiebert,
Last December, Conservative MP, Oakville’s Terence Young, tabled a private member's bill, Bill C-648, or the Warning Labels for Radio Apparatus Act, that would require manufacturers to put warning labels on the outside packaging of cellphones and other electronic devices.

As a constituent in your riding, I ask you to support this bill. The issue of harm from radio frequency technology has long been a concern to me. I know that you will be the recipient of lobbying tactics from the telecommunications and technology industries on this bill. I understand that the harm potential of our wireless telecommunications devices can be reduced, but industry is dragging their feet on implementing such measures, due to related cost. How can the health of our citizens come in second to the profits of industry?? While Health Canada refuses to update Safety Code 6 to align it with international standards to protect our citizens, we must take the precautionary principle into our own hands and give the users of technology warning to protect themselves.

I enclose a couple of links to further educate you about the newest information about the harms that are related to our current wireless telecommunications devices:
This first link is to a video of a few minutes length in which an individual, who speaks from personal experience, addresses his plea for attention to the issue to his local government. Very powerful. He developed cancer in 3 sites of his body...where he used and and carried his cell phone. This gentleman demonstrates the risk is very real.
And this link takes you to a 20 minute video of a talk by Dr. Leif Salford, neurosurgeon and researcher about Electromagnetic Fields and Leakage of the Blood Brain Barrier ( and what that contributes to). Graphic and powerful information. 

Very clearly the precautionary principle should be inherent in our use of wireless technology. I strongly urge you to support Bill C-648.

Sent: January 20, 2015 10:30 AM
Subject: Bill C-648 re. health warning labeling on wireless devices

To the Honorable John Duncan,

Dear John,

As a member of your constituency, I am respectfully asking you for your support of Bill C-648 which was introduced yesterday by MP Terrence Young. 

During my efforts to prevent a cell tower to be constructed in Willow Point park right next to playgrounds in 2013, I did a large amount of research about the effects of wireless technology, electromagnetic fields, and microwave radiation. To this day, I keep following new studies. What deeply concerns me is, that the Wireless Industry influences publications to report in their favour and downplay warnings coming from honest, independent and highly regarded doctors and scientists. 

Your position gives you the opportunity to stand up against the Industry's disregard for public safety by supporting Bill C-648.

What every user needs to learn, is how to apply it safer, how to reduce exposure levels, and how to keep children protected. The public needs to hear much more about this issue, uncensored true information, not edited by powerful profit oriented manufacturers.

Let’s not have happen, what happened in San Francisco, where the city, after passing a similar bill, was blackmailed by the Wireless Industry such that the bill was withdrawn.
There is much information from trusted sources available, and if you require, I would be please to provide you with links.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Tuesday, 27 January 2015


One step closer towards gaining recognition for the rights of
electromagnetic hypersensitivity throughout Europe 

The 21st January, 2015 will be remembered as the first step towards gaining recognition for electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS) victims throughout Europe. One hundred and ten European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) members voted with their conscience after carrying out a full and through investigation into this serious issue. Sadly the votes of 110 EESC members were overruled by 136 EESC members who voted in favour of a controversial late counter-opinion submitted by EESC member Richard Adams who was later exposed as having serious conflicts of interests. The counter-opinion was adopted and calls for a sympathetic approach to EHS victims but claims the condition is psychological which adds further insult to injury. This reckless decision will allow further proliferation of mobile phones, dect phones, phone masts, WiFi, smart meters and the smart grid. We may have lost this battle, but it has taken us one step closer towards gaining recognition for the rights of millions of people suffering with electromagnetic hypersensitivity. Those in positions of power are gaining more knowledge of this issue adding power to the people and to the 110 EESC members who fought for truth and justice.

Campaigners throughout Europe led by Electrosensibles Derecho Salud called on the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) to support the original opinion report on electrohypersensitivity (EHS) led by EESC member Hernandez Bataller following a full investigation by a taskforce of EESC members. The original opinion called for protection of people suffering with EHS today and for preventative measures to be put in place to protect future generations. The original opinion was launched following a thorough investigation after reviewing evidence and meeting with doctors, scientists and hearing from EHS victims. UK EESC member Richard Adams OBE proceeded to lobby his colleagues to launch a counter-opinion report in support of his misguided views in favour of industry values without disclosing his own conflicts of interest. Mr. Adams was challenged over serious conflicts of interest during the EESC Plenary Session due to his stakeholder position with RWE AG, one of Europe’s five leading electricity and gas companies along with his trustee position for the Charity Sustainability First. Both enterprises have a vested interest in Smart Grid and Smart Meters that rely on wireless radiofrequency technology. 

Radiation Research Trust Director Eileen O’Connor said “I am shocked to hear that UK EESC member Richard Adams used denial arguments that are clearly modelled on telecommunications enterprise lobbies without disclosing his industry connections.” O’Connor added, “This form of radiofrequency radiation poisoning of EHS victims can make routine tasks in life such as going to school, work, the shop, and seeking medical care not only difficult but often impossible. For these people to face further ridicule due to the ignorance of some members in authority who wrongly believe that EHS is psychological is blatantly unjust and marginalises these people even further by treating them as outcasts in society, it is brutality at its worse. Protection towards public health and especially of those with no voice such as EHS victims and children is an absolute priority.” 

One hundred and thirty six members representing the European Economic and Social Committee TEN Section voted to turn their backs on EHS victims based on industry friendly science and biased opinions, allowing the continuing onslaught of ever increasing levels of pulsed radiofrequency microwave radiation to blanket the planet while ignoring the human rights and plight of people suffering in pain and often in isolation from this debilitating condition.

It is estimated that 3% to 5% of the population is suffering from EHS and the numbers are growing. People are often misdiagnosed as the medical profession is not trained to recognise the symptoms associated with EHS, leading to inappropriate treatments for such conditions as tinnitus, headaches, dizzy spells, cardiac arrhythmia, sleep disorders, depression, shocks and burning sensations, and skin rashes. As a result, medications are often prescribed when the most important advice a patient can be given is to avoid RF radiation emitting devices and environments. Children are most at risk as they will absorb a higher dose of radiation and will be exposed throughout their lifetime. Significantly, 110 EESC members argued against the adoption of the counter-opinion and voted with their conscience in favour of protecting the vulnerable and preventing more harm.

Eileen O’Connor, Director for the UK Radiation Research Trust (RRT), led the UK campaign to alert Richard Adams and UK EESC members, providing research, information and called on the BioInitiative Working Group, consisting of 29 authors from ten countries; ten holding medical degrees (MDs) and 21 PhDs. This team of independent experts offers an alternative review to the Scientific Committee on Emerging and Newly Identified Health Risks (SCENIHR). The BioInitiative Working Group have reviewed over 5000 peer reviewed scientific papers and highlights the fact that bioeffects are clearly established to occur with very low exposure levels of (non-thermal levels) to electromagnetic fields and radiofrequency radiation exposures. The report calls for the precautionary approach and urgent action due to chronic EMF-related diseases that are a potential risk for everyone. These diseases include adverse effects on the central nervous system, cancer initiating and promoting effects, impairments of certain brain functions, loss of memory and cognitive function and infertility and immune dysfunction. This report was completely dismissed by Richard Adams as having no value as he continues to rely on the forthcoming report by SCENIHR despite that fact that the RRT highlighted conflicts of interest within the SCENIHR scientific working group. 

Other world leading experts offered supportive information for the RRT in an attempt to educate all UK EESC members and to alert them to the truth in science in support for those suffering with EHS. She drew their attention to a recent paper on Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity by RRT Trustee, Emergency Medicine Doctor Erica Mallery-Blythe. This report highlights a multitude of studies which show the EHS symptom constellation in the general population manifesting in a dose-response fashion from exposure to RF emitting devices such as mobile phone base stations and mobile and dect cordless phones. The RRT called for this large body of evidence on EHS to be taken into account by Richard Adams and all EESC members. 

The report includes details for the work of Dr. Dominique Belpomme; a professor of oncology at Paris-Descartes University who is also President of the French Association for Research in Therapeutics Against Cancer. Dr. Dominique Belpomme has developed a diagnostic method based on blood tests and a special brain scan (pulsed Doppler echography) to visualize blood flow. “These patients clearly have vascular disorders in the brain, said the oncologist. In addition, our biological tests show that 30% of them have high levels of histamine, 50% have too much stress proteins, most have low levels of melatonin (an potent anti-cancer hormone), and 30% have levels of antibodies and proteins that are tell-tale signs of thermal shock and brain damage.” This would clearly suggest that for EHS sufferers who have gone through the myriad tests offered by Dr. Belpomme, a psychosomatic claim is invalid.
Dr. Erica Mallery-Blythe states, "EHS is a physiological condition, not a psychological one. Any psychological features are a product of un-managed physiological disruption, sociological abandonment and in some cases, persecution. They are a justifiable result, not a cause. This is clear to medical doctors who see and help manage patients with EHS, but their voices are not being heard in this arena where non-medical personnel with no direct experience of the condition are dominant. Despite this bias against a medically and socially appropriate decision I am heartened to see that there was non-the-less a 45% vote in favour of more appropriate protection of those with EHS. This is a clear sign of the compelling credibility, importance and momentum of the movement for protection and I have no doubt that time and evidence will strengthen this group. 

Current literature on EHS is sparse, poor in design and also subject to industry bias, but again, despite this there is more than enough peer reviewed scientific literature to make clear the physiological nature of the condition and need for protection. Specifically I would highlight the vast numbers of papers documenting the EHS symptom constellation in the general population in a dose response fashion resulting from exposure to mobile phone base stations, and mobile telephones amongst other RF sources. The alarming facts that we are seeing EHS symptoms like this so prevalent in the general population should be a warning of preventable, impending public health disaster. This evidence cannot be ignored and appropriate protection of vulnerable groups such as those with EHS and children is an emergency."

Many doctors and scientists worldwide believe there is a very real and significant risk to the general health of the public, wildlife and the environment. The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), the cancer committee for the World Health Organisation, voted in May 2011 to categorise RF radiation as a Group 2b “possible human carcinogen” for the entire spectrum, which includes mobile phones, masts, dect phones, WiFi, smart meters and baby monitors. Dr. Lennart Hardell, an oncologist and epidemiologist as well as a scientist and member of IARC, produced the science which served as half the basis for IARC’s classification of RF radiation as a 2b carcinogen in a nearly unanimous vote. Subsequent to the IARC classification in 2011, Dr. Hardell has continued to produce some of the world’s best epidemiological studies on mobile phones, dect phones and the connection with brain tumours. More recent studies are even more definitive with respect to the connection between mobile phones and gliomas – the deadliest of brain tumours – and acoustic neuromas which are usually benign tumours of the auditory nerve. 

As a result of these more recent studies, Dr. Hardell is calling for an urgent reclassification of RF radiation from a “possible human carcinogen” to a Group 1 or a “known human carcinogen”, placing RF radiation in the same category as tobacco and asbestos. Dr Hardell’s science was also amazingly rejected by Richard Adams. Hardell provided a rebuttal letter along with further material in defence of his professional reputation and included a letter from a member of SCENIHR, Kjell Hansson Mild, PHD which clearly demonstrates the fact that SCENIHR tried to omit the most recent Hardell 2014 papers from their latest review.

Eileen O’Connor called for support from Professor Yuri Grigoriev, Honorary Chairman of the Russian National Committee on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection and Advisory Committee member of WHO on EMF and Health. His expertise was called upon to help contain the Chernobyl disaster after accumulating 40 years experience before the failure in Chernobyl. When asked to compare the severity of non-ionizing radiation (mobile phones, masts, WiFi) to ionizing radiation (nuclear, x-rays), Yuri Grigoriev said, “Ionizing radiation is monitored with safety systems in place to contain and control and prevent overexposure. The current proliferation of wireless frequencies is worse as levels of non-ionizing radiation are constantly increasing and ubiquitous; it is out of control. The world-wide dissemination of mobile telecommunications has resulted in new sources of large-scale population exposure to radio-frequency electromagnetic fields”. 

Grigoriev continued, focusing on his primary concern for which he calls for urgent action, “Prevention of childhood and juvenile diseases from exposure to EMF sources is of paramount social and economic importance. It is one of the bases for public health policy in the near and long-term future. The human brain and the nervous system tissues directly perceive EMF and react irrespective of its intensity, and in certain cases it depends on EMF modulation. This feature distinguishes EMF from all other environmental factors and complicates human health risk assessment for EMF exposure. A situation has emerged that cumulative EMF exposure of children may be comparable to adult exposure and may be equal to the levels of occupational exposure of workers. The current standards are outdated and inadequate. Urgent action is needed to curb the negative impact from this physical agent."

RRT advisor Susan Foster ended by saying, “Having listened to the debate, pro and con, in the EESC, it is clear both sides need to be educated about the impact of RF on the human body. I have followed firefighters in California who have had cell towers [masts] on their fire stations. When the radiation is beamed across the fire stations, these men and women are becoming ill with the following symptoms: headache, sleep disturbances, tinnitus, forgetfulness, inability to focus, mood swings, unexplained outbursts of anger and slowed reaction time. We have confirmed many of these symptoms through the use of SPECT brain scans and T.O.V.A. testing. For the EESC counter-opinion to suggest EHS symptoms are psychosomatic is an affront to somewhere between 22,000,000 and 37,000,000 EHS sufferers throughout Europe, and a similar number in the US. 

Foster continued, “As I understand it, the industry supporters want to say ‘It’s all in the head of the sufferer. They are symptomatic because they read about or heard about concern that mobiles may cause health problems, and as a result they are now suffering these mysterious symptoms.’ To that I would ask Richard Adams and his colleagues to simply consider the firefighters. These men and women are fearless. They go into burning buildings at the risk of their own lives to rescue perfect strangers. Does Mr. Adams wish to tell the firefighters they are suffering from fear that the masts outside their stations might cause harm? This sort of reasoning is illogical and harmful to all but those industries that make money from wireless products. And the harm is only increasing with WiFi throughout schools and workplaces. Those patients with EHS are being isolated from society, not through choice, but because of lack of accommodation. This is inhumane, and leaders throughout Europe, as well as leaders in countries around the world, need to wake up. When we forsake human life for the sake of commerce, something has gone terribly wrong with society.”

The Radiation Research Trust is calling for urgent policy changes based on independent science to protect human rights of millions of EHS people throughout Europe. Members at the EESC should be stripped of their rights to vote on public policy if influenced by conflicts of interest. Furthermore, members of the EESC should not rely on the SCENIHR report for its conclusions with respect to the safety, or lack thereof, of RF radiation and EMFs in general. Scientists who are assigned the task of reporting on the safety of existing exposure limits of RF/EMF have a fiduciary duty to the public to not be persuaded by outside financial interests or affiliations that give these scientists the appearance of bias. As such the SCENIHR report’s conclusions are meaningless due to the omission of research that goes against industry opinion and the declared conflicts of interest among a number of members within the SCENIHR external scientific committee.

Awareness is growing and the UK Radiation Research Trust congratulate the 110 EESC members who took the first step towards their duty of care voting for the original opinion which supported the human rights of EHS people as presented to the EESC by Dr Isaac Jamieson in the call for support for the right to life, prohibition of torture and prohibition of discrimination as required to be part of all policy making. The Radiation Research Trust call on all members to listen to independent scientists and medical doctors with expertise in this area of concern and remind policy makers of their duty of care to protect those fundamental principles and basic human values.

Download the timeline of letters and reports here:

Thursday, 22 January 2015

Members of Parliament - as of 2014 and Senators

Copy and paste about 50 at a time or your email will be considered spam.
 "Ablonczy, Diane" <>, "Adams, Eve" <>,
"Adler, Mark" <>, "Aglukkaq, Leona" <>,
"Albas, Dan" <>, "Albrecht, Harold" <>,
"Alexander, Chris" <>, "Allen, Malcolm" <>,
"Allen, Mike" <>, "Allison, Dean" <>,
"Ambler, Stella" <>, "Ambrose, Rona" <>,
"Anders, Rob" <>, "Anderson, David" <>,
"Armstrong, Scott" <>, "Ashfield, Keith" <>,
"Aspin, Jay" <>, "Baird, John" <>,
"Bateman, Joyce" <>, "Benoit, Leon" <>,
"Bergen, Candice" <>, "Bernier, Maxime" <>, "Bezan, James" <>, "Blaney, Steven" <>,
"Block, Kelly" <>, "Boughen, Ray" <>,
"Braid, Peter" <>, "Breitkreuz, Garry" <>,
"Brown, Gordon" <>, "Brown, Lois" <>,
 "Brown, Patrick" <>, "Bruinooge, Rod" <>,
"Butt, Brad" <>, "Calandra, Paul" <>,
"Calandra, Paul" <>, "Calkins, Blaine" <>,

"Cannan, Ron" <>, "Carmichael, John" <>,
"Carrie, Colin" <>, "Chisu, Corneliu" <>,
"Chong, Michael" <>, "Clarke, Rob" <>,
"Clement, Tony" <>, "Crockatt, Joan" <>,
"Daniel, Joe" <>, "Davidson, Patricia" <>,
"Dechert, Bob" <>, "Del Mastro, Dean" <>,
"Devolin, Barry" <>, "Dreeshen, Earl" <>,
"Dube, Matthew" <>, "Duncan, John" <>,
"Dykstra, Rick" <>, "Fantino, Julian" <>,
"Fast, Ed" <>, "Findlay, Kerry-Lynne" <>,
"Finley, Diane" <>, "Flaherty, Jim" <>,
"Fletcher, Steven" <>, "Galipeau, Royal" <>, "Gallant, Cheryl" <>, "Gill, Parm" <>,
"Glover, Shelly" <>, "Goguen, Robert" <>,
"Goldring, Peter" <>, "Goodyear, Gary" <>,
"Gosal, Bal" <>, "Gourde, Jacques" <>,
"Grewal, Nina" <>, "Harper, Stephen" <>,

"Harris, Richard" <>, "Hawn, Laurie" <>,
"Hayes, Bryan" <>, "Hiebert, Russ" <>,
"Hillyer, Jim" <>, "Hoback, Randy" <>,
"Holder, Ed" <>, "James, Roxanne" <>,
"Jean, Brian" <>, "Kamp, Randy" <>,
"Keddy, Gerald" <>, "Kenney, Jason" <>,
"Kent, Peter" <>, "Kerr, Greg" <>, "
Komarnicki, Ed" <>, "Kramp, Daryl" <>,
"Lake, Mike" <>, "Lauzon, Guy" <>,
"Lebel, Denis" <>, "Leef, Ryan" <>,
"Leitch, Kellie" <>, "Lemieux, Pierre" <>,
"Leung, Chungsen" <>, "Lizon, Wladyslaw" <>, "Lobb, Ben" <>,
"Lukiwski, Tom" <>, "Lunney, James" <>,
"MacKay, Peter" <>, "MacKenzie, Dave" <>, "Mayes, Colin" <>, "McColeman, Phil" <>,
"McLeod, Cathy" <>, "Menegakis, Costas" <>, "Merrifield, Rob" <>, "Miller, Larry" <>,
"Moore, James" <>, "Moore, Rob" <>,

"Morin, Marie-Claude" <>, "Nicholson, Rob" <>, "Norlock, Rick" <>, "O'Connor, Gordon" <>,
"O'Neill Gordon, Tilly" <>, "O'Toole, Erin" <>, "Obhrai, Deepak" <>, "Oliver, Joe" <>,
"Opitz, Ted" <>, "Paradis, Christian" <>,
"Payne, Lavar" <>, "Poilievre, Pierre" <>,
"Preston, Joe" <>, "Raitt, Lisa" <>,
"Rajotte, James" <>, "Rathgeber, Brent" <>,
"Reid, Scott" <>, "Rempel, Michelle" <>,
"Richards, Blake" <>, "Rickford, Greg" <>,
"Ritz, Gerry" <>, "Saxton, Andrew" <>,
"Scheer, Andrew" <>, "Schellenberger, Gary" <>, "Seeback, Kyle" <>,
"Shea, Gail" <>, "Shipley, Bev" <>,
"Shory, Devinder" <>, "Smith, Joy" <>,
"Sopuck, Robert" <>, "Sorenson, Kevin" <>, "Stanton, Bruce" <>, "Storseth, Brian" <>,
"Strahl, Mark" <>, "Sweet, David" <>,

"Tilson, David" <>, "Toet, Lawrence" <>,
"Trost, Brad" <>, "Trottier, Bernard" <>, "Truppe, Susan" <>, "Uppal, Tim" <>, "Valcourt, Bernard" <>, "Van Kesteren, Dave" <>,
"Van Loan, Peter" <>, "Vellacott, Maurice" <>,
"Wallace, Mike" <>, "Warawa, Mark" <>,
"Warkentin, Chris" <>, "Watson, Jeff" <>,
"Weston, John" <>, "Weston, Rodney" <>,
"Wilks, David" <>, "Williamson, John" <>,
"Wong, Alice" <>, "Woodworth, Stephen" <>, "Yelich, Lynne" <>, "Young, Terence" <>,
"Young, Wai" <>, "Zimmer, Bob" <>,
"Angus, Charlie" <>, "Ashton, Niki" <>,
"Atamanenko, Alex" <>, "Aubin, Robert" <>,
"Ayala, Paulina" <>, "Benskin, Tyrone" <>,
"Bevington, Dennis" <>, "Blanchette, Denis" <>,
"Blanchette-Lamothe, Lysane" <>,
"Boivin, Francoise" <>, "Borg, Charmaine" <>, "Boulerice, Alexandre" <>,
"Boutin-Sweet, Marjolaine" <>,
"Brahmi, Tarik" <>, "Brosseau, Ruth Ellen" <>, "Caron, Guy" <>, "Cash, Andrew" <>,
"Charlton, Chris" <>, "Chicoine, Sylvain" <>, "Chisholm, Robert" <>,
"Choquette, Francois" <>, "Chow, Olivia" <>, "Christopherson, David" <>, "Cleary, Ryan" <>, "Comartin, Joe" <>, "Cote, Raymond" <>,
"Crowder, Jean" <>, "Cullen, Nathan" <>,
"Davies, Don" <>, "Davies, Libby" <>,
"Day, Anne-Marie" <>, "Dewar, Paul" <>,

"Dionne-Labelle, Pierre" <>, "Donnelly, Fin" <>, "Dore Lefebvre, Rosane" <>,
"Duncan, Linda" <>, "Dusseault, Pierre-Luc" <>, "Freeman, Mylene" <>, "Garrison, Randall" <>, "Genest, Rejean" <>, "Genest-Jourdain, Jonathan" <>, "Giguere, Alain" <>,
"Godin, Yvon" <>, "Gravelle, Claude" <>,
"Groguhe, Sadia" <>, "Harris, Dan" <>,
"Harris, Jack" <>, "Hassainia, Sana" <>,
"Hughes, Carol" <>, "Hyer, Bruce" <>,
"Jacob, Pierre" <>, "Julian, Peter" <>,
"Kellway, Matthew" <>, "Lapointe, Francois" <>, "Larose, Jean-Francois" <>,
"Latendresse, Alexandrine" <>,
 "Laverdiere, Helene" <>, "Leblanc, Helene" <>, "Leslie, Megan" <>, "Liu, Laurin" <>,
"Mai, Hoang" <>, "Marston, Wayne" <>,
"Martin, Pat" <>, "Masse, Brian" <>,
"Mathyssen, Irene" <>, "Michaud, Elaine" <>, "Moore, Christine" <>, "Morin, Dany" <>,
"Morin, Isabelle" <>, "Morin, Marc-Andre" <>, "Mulcair, Thomas" <>, "Nantel, Pierre" <>,
"Nash, Peggy" <>, "Nicholls, Jamie" <>,

"Nunez-Melo, Jose" <>, "Papillon, Annick" <>, "Patry, Claude" <>, "Peclet, Eve" <>,
Perreault, Manon" <>, "Pilon, Francois" <>,
 "Quach, Anne Minh-Thu" <>,
"Rafferty, John" <>, "Rankin, Murray" <>,
"Ravignat, Mathieu" <>,
"Raynault, Francine" <>, "Rousseau, Jean" <>,
"Saganash, Romeo" <>, "Sandhu, Jasbir" <>, "Sellah, Djaouida" <>, "Sims, Jinny Jogindera" <>, "Sitsabaiesan, Rathika" <>, "St-Denis, Lise" <>, "Stewart, Kennedy" <>, "Stoffer, Peter" <>,
 "Sullivan, Mike" <>, "Thibeault, Glenn" <>,
 "Toone, Philip" <>, "Tremblay, Jonathan" <>, "Turmel, Nycole" <>,
"Andrews, Scott" <>, "Belanger, Mauril" <>, "Bennett, Carolyn" <>, "Brison, Scott" <>,
"Byrne, Gerry" <>, "Casey, Sean" <>,
"Cotler, Irwin" <>, "Cuzner, Rodger" <>,
"Dion, Stephane" <>, "Duncan, Kirsty" <>,
"Easter, Wayne" <>, "Eyking, Mark" <>,
"Foote, Judy" <>, "Fry, Hedy" <>,
"Garneau, Marc" <>, "Goodale, Ralph" <>,
"Hsu, Ted" <>, "Karygiannis, Jim" <>,
"Lamoureux, Kevin" <>, "LeBlanc, Dominic" <>, "MacAulay, Lawrence" <>,
"McCallum, John" <>, "McGuinty, David" <>, "McKay, John" <>, "Murray, Joyce" <>,
"Pacetti, Massimo" <>, "Regan, Geoff" <>, "Scarpaleggia, Francis" <>, "Sgro, Judy" <>, "Simms, Scott" <>, "Trudeau, Justin" <>,
"Valeriote, Frank" <>, "Jones, Yvonne" <>, "Bellavance, Andre" <>, "Fortin, Jean-Francois" <>, "Mourani, Maria" <>,
"Plamondon, Louis" <>,
Green Party
May Elizabeth <>
"Fox, Francis" <>, "Fraser, Joan" <>,
"Frum, Linda" <>, "Furey, George" <>,
"Gerstein, Irving" <>, "Greene, Stephen" <>,
"Harb, Mac" <>, "Hervieux-Payette, Celine" <>,
"Housakos, Leo" <>, "Hubley, Elizabeth" <>,
"Jaffer, Mobina" <>, "Johnson, Janice" <>,
"Joyal, Serge" <>, "Kenney, Colin" <>,
 "Kinsella, Noel" <>, "Kochhar, Vim" <>,
"Lang, Daniel" <>, "Lapointe, Jean" <>,
"Lavigne, Raymond" <>, "LeBreton, Majorie" <>,
"Loisier-Cool, Rose-Marie" <>,
"Lovelace-Nicholas, Sandra" <>, "Mahovlich, Frank" <>, "Manning, Fabian" <>, "Marshall, Elizabeth" <>,
"Martin, Yonah" <>, "Massicotte, Paul" <>,"McCoy, Elaine" <>, "Meighen, Michael" <>,
"Mercer, Terry" <>, "Merchant, Pana" <>,

"Mitchell, Grant" <>, "Mochler, Percy" <>,
"Moore, Wilfrid" <>, "Munson, Jim" <>,
"Murray, Lowell" <>, "Nancy, Ruth" <>,
"Neufeld, Richard" <>, "Nolin, Pierre-Claude" <>,
"Ogilvie, Kelvin" <>, "Oliver, Donald" <>,
"Patterson, Dennis" <>, "Peterson, Robert" <>,
Pierre-Hugues Boisvenue <>, "Plett, Donald" <>,
"Poirer, Rose-May" <>, "Poulin-Charette, Marie-P" <>,
"Poy, Vivienne" <>, "Pépin, Lucie" <>,
"Raine, Nancy Greene" <>, "Ringuette, Pierrette" <>, "Rivard, Michel" <>, "Rivest, Jean-Claude" <>,
"Rompkey, William" <>, "Runciman, Bob" <>,
"Segal, Hugh" <>, "Seidman, Judith" <>,
"Sibeston, Nick" <>, "Smith, David" <>,
"St-Germain, Gerry" <>, "Stewart, Olsen" <>,
"Stollery, Peter" <>, "Stratton, Terry" <>,
"Tardiff, Claudette" <>, "Tkachuck, David" <>,
"Wallace, John" <>, "Wallin, Pamela" <>,
"Watt, Charlie" <>, "Zimmer, Rod" <>