Sunday, 21 October 2018

How much is this wireless radiation exposure in our schools REALLY COSTING US?

Our request for a statement about the safety of wireless technology in our schools from our new Provincial Health Officer, Dr. Bonnie Henry has fallen on deaf ears. Parents have been robbed of their right to decide if this chronic exposure, an established 2B carcinogen listed next to lead, DDT, methyl mercury, chloroform, and car exhaust is an acceptable risk or whether precautionary measures should be implemented given there is alternative simple solution.

The removal of the industrial strength Wi-Fi routers should be implemented immediately and return to hard-wired Internet, which is faster, cheaper, more reliable, more secure and safer than wireless networks. For as little as a one time cost of $500 US dollars every classroom would be provided with 40 Ethernet ports plus adapters for their wireless devices, costing about $20 per child, a small price to pay compared to brain surgery, chemotherapy, radiation treatments etc.

The latest findings of the National Toxicology Program and the supporting Ramazzini Studies stating “Clear Evidence of Carcinogenic Activity” and the association of cancer in the heart and brain and cell phone radiation, warrants the solicitation of a current letter re Wi-Fi safety from Dr. Bonnie Henry to ensure the most accurate health information and recommendations for all children were being used as a basis for sound decision making on such an important topic as our children’s health and well being.
Global NEWS report: 

Experts like Dr. Martha Herbert have found relationship between microwave radiation and autism. The financial costs to parents, schools, and the medical system for these children are horrendous. In this Global News article, it says that the assessment alone costs $3,000, and there is a year’s wait in BC !!

Thousands of B.C. children waiting for autism assessment (video)


Harvard Pediatric Neurologist on Electromagnetic Radiation, Autism and Brain Development May 2016 (video)

Las Vegas News Report on WiFi in School Health Risk May 2016 (video)

Dr. Erica Mallery Blythe - Children with Cancer Conference - 2018 (video)

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Click here for a Research Compilation on Cell phone Radiation, Behavior and Brain Development Compiled by Dr. Hugh Taylor of Yale Medicine