Monday, 18 September 2017

Generation Zapped is looking for people to host their film

"Generation Zapped," is a documentary film focusing on simple solutions to protecting your family from the health effects of RF radiation emitting from wireless technology.  They are looking for people world wide to host a showing in their home, church, school, PAC, work, recreation center etc. 
See the excellent 2 minute trailer:
Please contact: for more information about screenings to be held in October 2017
Or if you have a venue and would like some help you can contact Janis at:
Below are the two screening options: 
Home Screening: $75 
Hold a screening at a home for up to 20 people. They will provide you with a DVD, promotional and discussion materials to help you make it a unique experience. This can take place anytime this fall and winter, but please book it as soon as you can. They request that you do not charge for admission, but you can ask your group to chip in to share the costs. 
Community Screening: $245
Reach an even wider audience by holding a larger screening. This can take place at any type of venue, such as a school, theatre, community centre – it can be anywhere you can set up a screen and play the DVD. This option is intended for up to 200 people and you have the option to charge for tickets ($10-$15 suggested) or accept donations to cover the cost. They will provide you with a DVD, promotional and discussion materials, along with social media support, to help you make it an impactful event.


WARNING: Virtual Reality Headsets Have Never Been Tested For Safety On Children

Parents, Teachers and Students:

Virtual Reality Headsets have never been tested for safety for children and yet, our schools and libraries are purchasing and promoting this product.  To operate these VR Headsets it requires a smart phone, emitting microwave radiation, to be inserted directly in front of a child’s eyes.


School Districts have not informed parents, teachers or students of the Safety Manuals and Disclaimers mandated by the federal government warning of the permanent health risks from the prolonged use. Parents have not given their informed consent for their children to use this untested and unregulated technology in our classrooms.

Phonegate: French Government Data Indicates Cell Phones Expose Consumers To Radiation Levels Higher Than Manufacturers Claim

The response from the Vancouver Island Regional Libraries stated the parents would have to sign a detailed Virtual Reality Rules, Terms and Conditions and Waiver.  Virtual Reality Programs have become popular because of the commercials aimed at our children, as the next “must have” product to purchase. Parents will feel pressured to sign this waiver, with their children begging to use the Virtual Reality Program and believe that our government would never allow this technology, with the potential of serious injuries, to hit the store shelves if unsafe. Parents, beware, it is now up to the public to prove Virtual Reality Headsets using smart phones, is unsafe and should never be part of the educational curriculum until scientific peer review studies have proven Microwave Radiation Exposure is safe for children.

Below is a link to the EMF-Portal, an extensive literature database with an inventory of over 25,000 publications and over 5,000 summaries of individual peer reviewed scientific studies on the health effects of electromagnetic fields.

The specific age groups suggested for the different products are for age appropriate content, NOT safety.

·      Oculus Rift: no one under the age of 13 may use the Oculus Rift.
·      Merge: no one under the age of 10 may use the Merge VR.  If under 13 years old, the consent of a parent or guardian is required.
·      View Master VR: no one under the age of 7 years old may use the View Master VR.  If between the ages 7 and 13 years old, the consent of a parent or guardian is required.

Letter from Parentsforsafeschools to Vancouver Island Regional Library and Greater Victoria Regional Library

Response from Vancouver Island Regional Library

Virtual Reality Rules, Terms and Conditions and Waiver

Mainstream media is own and operated by the wireless industry and they will not cover stories that will affect the potential sale of their products.  Please contact your school principal and school board and let them know this technology has never been tested for safety on our children and we don’t want wireless Virtual Reality Headsets in our schools.

Thank you,
Janis Hoffmann