Friday, 5 July 2013

EHS Children Need Donations to Help Pay for Legal Costs

Urgent Message re EHS Students in SD 62 (BC) appealing for a ‘Wi-Fi free’ learning environment:
We just received a copy of the 26 page response submitted by the Sooke School District (#62) to the BC Superintendent of Achievement (see link) re our appeal for accommodation in schools for our EHS children. It is no surprise the school district’s submission is full of inaccurate, misleading and conflicting statements re EHS and the dangers of Wi-Fi, RF microwave technology that must be challenged in our final submission due in one week. We are getting closer to setting a precedent in schools for EHS students, however, all could be lost without funding. 
We just received notice from David Aaron (lawyer) to pay our legal fees owing thus far (see attached) before he can continue with our final position statement to the Ministry. I have included all receipts to ensure transparency. The first bill for $1,904 will be covered with contributions collected from the gofundme account over the last month that total $1,800, however, we still need to cover the second bill of $8,193.92 that is still outstanding! We have received a few cheque donations ~ $ 1,300 that will be applied to the $8,200 but will need more assistance from others to cover the rest. There will also be fees associated with the final submission of likely a few more thousand. 
Our two families are desperately trying to fight for our children but also on behalf of all children affected by mandatory Wi-Fi. We would be so grateful for any assistance you can provide. If everyone who received this email donated $25-50 each we would easily pay all legal fees associated with this significant and first of its kind appeal case. We remain confident, if successfully won, our appeal will open the door to much bigger changes on a provincial and national level in the occupational and school setting.
We must pull together for the protection of children in BC and across Canada. Now is the time please.
Thanks so much for your support!
Tammy Jeske
& Janis Hoffmann
  • Jeske/Hoffmann 43 page appeal or go to:,19,3214
  • Sooke School Districts Submission (see attached PDF)
  • Lawyers Fees for Submission to Adjudicator (appointed by the BC Ministry of Education's Superintendent of Achievement) re the Sooke School Board's Refusal to Accommodate Special Needs Children (see attached PDF)
  • Donation site for EHS Children Forced from School
  • Cheque Donations can also be made at c/o:

    ‘Parents for Safe Schools’


    Add to memo line: ‘EHS Kids- legal fund’