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My Friends,

I rarely ask people for money. In fact, I have a very difficult time doing so. 

In this instance, it is not difficult at all.  Please read the attached -- a story that affects us all in one form or another; it is condensed into one page of text.  This is a David v. Goliath fight with Edna and Marshall Pettipas facing off against one of the telecom giants in Nova Scotia.  How does that affect each of us, from around the globe?

The story is a universal one.  It involves a cell tower, a dream home, the family's health, and one big lie.

It also involves one giant success.  Bell Aliant, the defendant, lost in their Motion for Summary Judgment -- their request to have the case thrown out of court.  The judge has decided the case has merit and will be heard.  The Pettipas need money for experts, some of whom are coming in at reduced rates.  This money is needed by June 15. The Pettipas address and a PayPal link are included. If anyone from other countries has difficulty with the PayPal link, please contact Edna by email.

Many of you have newsletters, email groups, and websites.  If you would be kind enough to spread the word, I believe there is a chance the Pettipas case is one that will be heard around the world. Whatever anyone can contribute will be greatly appreciated.

With Gratitude,


Rancho Santa Fe, CA 92091



Edna & Marshall Pettipas, of Afton, Nova Scotia, are suing telecom giant Bell Aliant for loss and harm suffered due to radiation from a cell phone tower. Edna and her husband need tens of thousands of dollars to bring highly qualified experts to trial and they need to have the majority of those upfront costs by June 15! The Pettipas’ success could have precedent setting implications that will help every citizen of Canada, and in time, this case will have implications for other countries, as well. The greater public interest will be served as a result of the case heard around the world.

Edna and Marshall are up against a telecom giant with limitless resources.  Some of the experts signing on have offered to reduce their fees, but still the costs are extraordinary.

This is classic David v. Goliath and the Pettipas family needs your help.  They already passed a major legal hurdle when the judge refused to throw the case out on a defense request for dismissal.  Many similar cases have not survived this crucial test. Yet the Pettipas case is going forward and they need – we all need – your help.  Whether you can donate $5.00 or $5,000, your generosity will be greatly appreciated.

Donations can be sent via paypal: 

Or mail cheque/money order to:
Edna Pettipas, 484 Old Antigonish Road, Antigonish, NS B0H 1A0

or email transfer:

No one should save for a lifetime to finally build their dream home, move in on Christmas Eve, and have to move out, in the very early hours on Christmas Day.  These are selfless people who are fighting a fight for all of us so that we and our children can live in a world where the Goliaths should not be allowed to lie about safety and rob us of our health and our dreams.

On the next page please see a photo of Edna Pettipas holding some of the documentation she has accumulated for her lawsuit against Bell Aliant Regional Communication Inc. and the dream home Edna and Marshall built.  The Pettipas felt intense pressure to lease the Property for placement of the cell tower. They were reassured by the Company that the cell tower would not pose any health concerns, except the possibility of falling ice. The cell tower company suggested the house to be built 300 feet away from the base of the tower, due to the danger of falling ice. When the Pettipas built their home they ensured it was definitely at least 300 feet away from the base of the tower.

The Pettipas eventually had to abandon their home due to ill health caused by the cell tower radiation.

Please, for Edna and Marshall Pettipas, and for your family in the future, donate today.

With immense gratitude,

Edna and Marshall … and all who stand with them

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