Tuesday, 27 August 2019

Template to send to your City Mayor and Councillors on 5G technology

This is a template of a letter to sent to Councils and Mayors asking for resolutions similar to that passed by Pitt Meadows' Council. Please complete with the information pertinent to your Mayor and Council.  Email addresses can be obtained from the city's website. 


Dear Mayor and Councillors,

This summer the City Council of Pitt Meadows passed this landmark resolution:

“THAT Council forward a letter to their MP, MLA, Dr. Bonnie Henry, Health Canada, ISED (Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada) and Telus expressing significant concerns regarding the long-term health consequences related to cell towers, microcells and wireless technology.”

Would you consider doing the same?  If you follow Pitt Meadows lead you may want to share the following concerns:

"________ City Council has substantial concerns regarding: the health implications of cell tower placements in our community; the lack of awareness around potential health risks associated with cell towers; the lack of communication from the federal government on the current scientific evidence pertaining to the biological effects of wireless technology; and the need to strengthen our significantly out-dated Safety Code 6.

We are also extremely concerned about the lack of public consultation required by ISED when antennas are placed on existing structures in our communities and we are concerned about the untested emerging 5G technology this infrastructure facilitates. We support fiber optic networks connected directly to the premises as a faster, safer alternative to wireless 5G."

Background Information:

 1. Scientists Urge Precaution
     · To date, 248 EMF (electromagnetic field) scientists from 42 nations have signed an Appeal asking the United Nations for greater health protection on EMF exposure. See the Appeal at:  EMFscientist.org.

2. Science shows adverse environmental and wildlife effects from wireless radiation.

3The small cell antenna densification now underway creates many complex issues for local governments:
     · Liability · Aesthetics · Safety · Public health · Increased energy consumption ·      
       Expensive infrastructure upgrades, and a lack of local authority over the public right of way

“The City strongly emphasizes the need for local control and flexibility to manage its own assets.... municipalities are concerned with issues of urban design, community aesthetics, safety, affordability and fair return on municipal investments. However, these concerns are often overridden by federal decisions, which favor market interests. “

Thanks so much for considering this matter and all you do on our behalf,


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