Saturday, 28 March 2015

Wifi in Schools - Known risk, perilous outcomes, irrefutable liability

Wifi in Schools - Known risk, perilous outcomes, irrefutable liability
Cris Rowan is a pediatric occupational therapist committed to enhancing child health and academic performance. Well-known activist, speaker, sensory specialist and author, Cris is the "Go To" expert on child learning, development and technology overuse. Cris has provided over 200 workshops for health and education professionals, and is currently developing the Creating Sustainable Futures Program for a First Nations Community.

France: A Law To Regulate Exposure To Electromagnetic Fields
A section of the Act is devoted to the protection of babies and young children. Wireless devices will be banned in "the spaces dedicated to the care, resting and activities of children under 3 years" , that is to say, nurseries and daycare centers. As for primary schools (pre-school and elementary school) Wi-Fi will have to be disconnected outside "digital educational activities".

Meet the Medical Doctors and Scientists

Calling For Reduced Wireless Exposure to Children

The Proof You've Been Looking For - Cell, Wi-Fi, Radiation, Health (Dr.Sinatra, Dr.Davis, Dr.Havas)
Summary clips of top specialists explaining the hazards of cell phones, Wi-Fi, and damages to health.

Dr. George Carlo, public health scientist and epidemiologist explains the health issues related to WiFi

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