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2013 Collection of Studies, Videos and News Releases

1396 Reference Links to Peer-Reviewed Studies re RF Microwave Radiation
…how much more proof do parents need before school officials will protect students from needless microwave radiation? Hard-wired computers are much safer!,28,3376

WHO International Stakeholder Seminar on RF Policies – We are calling on the World Health Organization to lead the world, because the public has clearly not given permission or approval or been given proper advice or words of caution to allow them to make informed decisions…

Children are particularly vulnerable as “the average exposure from use of the same mobile phone is higher by a factor of 2 in a child’s brain and higher by a factor of 10 in the bone marrow of the skull.”  Also, the child’s brain is developing at a much greater rate than the adult's brain.

Studies - You may review the more than 5000 studies listed in these documents plus the searchable database below:

34 Scientific Studies Showing Adverse Health Effects From Wi-Fi

Here is an excellent collection of scientific papers finding adverse biological effects or damage to health from Wi-Fi signals, Wi-Fi-enabled devices or Wi-Fi frequencies (2.4 or 5 GHz), complied by campaign group WiFi In Schools.

and here are the first pages of all 34 studies, a great compilation:

Swedish review strengthens grounds for concluding that radiation from cellular and cordless phones is a probable human carcinogen.
Report on recent studies which advise that RF from wireless devices should be classified as 2A (probable) human carcinogen. Many earlier studies were poorly done, perhaps because many, such as the Interphone Study, were funded largely by the industry

Wi-Fi technology – an uncontrolled global experiment on the health of mankind by Marko Markov & Yuri G. Grigoriev - Electromagnetic Biology and Medicine (pages 200-208) - June 2013:,6,3162

The alteration of spontaneous low frequency oscillations caused by acute electromagnetic fields exposure.

Everything You Wanted to Know about Cell Phone Radiation

Health effects of electromagnetic radiation exposure from cell phones, Wi-Fi, and Smart Meters, and strategies to reduce potential harm.

Editorial: Effects of electromagnetic fields on biological systems
Marko Markov. Editorial: Effects of electromagnetic fields on biological systems. Electromagnetic Biology and Medicine. 32(2):121-122. June, 2013.

Bibliography of Reported Biological Phenomena ('Effects') and Clinical Manifestations Attributed to Microwave and Radio-Frequency Radiation Research Report -October 04, 1971 & April 20, 1972:

Here is one document from the US military, written in 1994, but referencing studies showing harm, proving harm, done in the 1950s.
Psychotronic and Electromagnetic Weapons: Remote Control of the Human Nervous System - Dr. Zory Glaser gave her thousands of previously classified US military documents about this very topic.


The History of the Health Effects from RF and Microwave Radiation from the Archives of Zory Glaser - Dr. Zory R. Glaser Ph.D., LT, MSC, USNR - Former U.S. Navy Researcher, NIOSH Manager, Executive Secretary Advisor to the U.S. FDA:

NASA Langley Research Center Powerpoint presentation called ‘Future Strategic Issues/Future Warefare’ - Circa 2025 by Chief Scientist, Dennis M. Bushnell.screens 49-51. A startling admission from July, 2001
-  pages 49-51 (of special note; PAGE 50)

Autism and EMF? Plausibility of a pathophysiological link

Wireless Networking in Schools – A call to limit unnecessary radiation exposure in light of potential health risks - September 24, 2013:

European Citizen’s Initiative “Electromagnetic Radiation”
An international group of organizations from Spain, France, Portugal, and Sweden met in Madrid last month to follow up and take action on the Council of Europe's Resolution 1815 regarding wireless microwave-producing devices

BC Centre for Disease Control Report Points to Damaging Health Effects from Wireless Devices,85,3386

Exposure to Extremely Low Frequency Electromagnetic Fields during Pregnancy and the Risk of Spontaneous Abortion: A Case-Control Study

The influence of microwave radiation from cellular phone on fetal rat brain.

Interference between Active Implanted Medical Devices and Electromagnetic Field Emitting Devices is Rare but Real: Results of an Incidence Study in a Population of Physicians in France
Experts have warned about these meters interfering with medical devices such as pacemakers (cardiac), deep brain implants (Parkinsons), dialysis (kidneys).

The relationship between cell phone use, academic performance, anxiety, in college students

ICEMS Position Paper on the Cerebral Tumor Court Case

Multifocal Breast Cancer in Young Women with Prolonged Contact between Their Breasts and Their Cellular Phones

News Releases

Expert Panel Review Safety Code 6 - Submissions and Presentations - October 28, 2013:

Written submissions to Royal Society Panel

Expert Panel Review Safety Code 6 - Margaret Friesen B.Sc. M.Sc. - SECOND Submission to Royal Society of Canada - scientific literature on wireless radiation:,82,3587

UK medical doctors call for 'immediate action' against wireless technologies

Extra-low-frequency magnetic fields alter cancer cells through metabolic restriction
Federal Wi-Fi panel criticized for undisclosed conflict

Wireless radiation safety hearing criticized

Electro-hypersensitivity – the position in Sweden – Professor Olle Johansson

One woman’s battle with electromagnetic hypersensitivity shares her account of living with an extreme sensitivity to everyday technology by Noor Javed - Toronto Star - June 15, 2013 [Toronto Women's College Hospital]:

Wireless Smart Meter Case Studies - American Academy of Environmental Medicine - October 23, 2013:
- http://

Australian government ordered to compensate worker with electromagnetic hypersensitivity

CSIRO scientist Dr David McDonald wins compensation for Wi-Fi pain

Belgium Adopts New Regulations to Promote Cell Phone Radiation Safety
Children’s mobile phones are banned. The specific absorption rate (SAR) must be listed on every mobile phone at the point of sale and a warning provided to customers to choose a lower SAR phone, use it moderately, and wear an earpiece.


New Zealand Parents Removed Wi-Fi From Their Childrens' School Because 'Wi-Fi Causes Cancer'

Australian parents demand school Wi-Fi ban despite ARPANSA saying it’s safe

Electromagnetic waves kept away from schools - (France)
The amendment states that the implementation of the public service provided by digital educational text should be promoting the "wired" connections, that is to say with Ethernet rather than wireless

Electro sensitivity recognized as a disease in France
More teachers effected by Wi-Fi in schools

Switzerland: Teachers Vote to Keep Wi-Fi Out of School

The Israeli Supreme Court Ordered the Israeli Government to Investigate the Number of Children Currently Suffering From EHS

ISRAEL Supreme Court on WIFI -07/2013 - summary

Update from the Supreme Court today on the appeal to stop the deployment of WIFI in schools in ISRAEL:
Doctor warns of health effects of WiFi exposure ....WiFi will soon be out of style. What’s coming is LiFi — they’re actually using light to carry the information.”

Doctors weigh in on dangers of Wi-Fi signal exposure

EMF at High Performance Schools

Stop Exposing Children to WiFi and 3G in our schools - August 12, 2013:

Winlaw parents win lobby for no Wi-Fi in school

iPads: How Safe Are Our Children?

Wi-Fi - Ontario Elementary teachers' union updates electronic device policy

Ontario Teachers' Union Votes To Ban Cell Phones In Classrooms

Dr Marie-Therese Gibson resigns from Tangara School for Girls over Wi-Fi health worries

EMF exposures destroy health and well-being, claims panel of top international scientists by Lloyd Burrell

Autism – Could it be caused by radiofrequency exposure during vulnerable development periods?

Children’s Health Expert Panel: Cell Phones & Wi-Fi―Are Children, Fetuses and Fertility at Risk?

Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs), Extremely Low-Frequency (ELF) and Radiofrequency (RF): What are the Health Impacts? (May 20, 2013):


A New Allergy, Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity 

Electro-hypersensitivity - the position in Sweden - Professor Olle Johansson

Is Your WiFi making you sick?

Wi-Fi waves causing sickness, says woman by Christopher Sun - Alberni Valley News - July 18, 2013:

Something Doesn't Add Up About "ADD!" Summit

Something Is Rotten in Denmark - Danish Cancer Society Plays Games with Brain Cancer Rates - December 13, 2013:

Wireless Radiation Standards Essential To Prevent Cancer, Other Harm

Wireless broadband Internet access is all the rage. The noise is drowning out concerns for this technology’s risks.

Electromagnetic Radiation Safety

Health effects of electromagnetic radiation exposure from cell phones, Wi-Fi, and Smart Meters, and strategies to reduce potential harm.

Digital dementia: Digital technology could be hampering our children and grandchildren in more ways than one!

30 Minutes Exposure to 4G Cell Phone Radiation Affects Brain Activity: New Study
The peer-reviewed journal Clinical Neurophysiology has just published research showing that 30 minutes of exposure to LTE cellphone radiation effects brain activity on both side of the brain.

Louise Brosnan pulled her boys out St Kevin’s Primary School at Geebung after Wi-Fi was installed

Belgium Adopts New Regulations to Promote Cell Phone Radiation Safety

Children’s mobile phones are banned. The specific absorption rate (SAR) must be listed on every mobile phone at the point of sale and a warning provided to customers to choose a lower SAR phone, use it moderately, and wear an earpiece.

Cell Phone Radiation Litigation - Class Actions - Merchant Law Group LLP:


Cellphones implicated in cancer
The influence of being physically near to a cell phone transmission mast on the incidence of Cancer
LTE Cell Phone Radiation Affects Brain Activity in Cell Phone Users

Wearing Your Smartphone – Not Too Smart? - Public News Service - November 11, 2013:

 Cell Phone Radiation Affects Brain Activity in Cell Phone Users

Warning: Your Cell Phone May Be Hazardous to Your Health

Everything You Wanted to Know about Cell Phone Radiation - Electromagnetic Radiation Safety - November 20, 2013:
- http://

Former wireless-industry executive Jeremy Denton dies

Cell Phones and Cell Biology: Are We Selling Out? by David Katz, M.D., Director, Yale Prevention Research Center - Huffington Post - December 12, 2013:

What is that “Smartphone” Really Costing You and Your Family?

The Wireless Age - Human Progress or Profit and Greed?

Up to 10 teenagers diagnosed with brain tumors in the same Los Angeles suburb: Erin Brockovich is investigating this cancer cluster.

Avid Cellphone Use by College Kids Tied to Anxiety, Lower Grades

Laptop multitasking hinders classroom learning for both users and nearby peers

Laptop use lowers student grades, experiment shows

Laptop use lowers student grades, experiment shows - Screens also distract laptop-free classmates

Students Find Ways To Hack School-Issued iPads Within A Week

L.A. Unified takes back iPads as $1-billion plan hits hurdles

LAUSD halts home use of iPads for students after devices hacked                                                                                                                      

iPad software licenses expire in three years, L.A. Unified says
Renewing licenses could cost $50 to $100 per iPad, about $60 million annually, despite earlier statements that the district would own the software permanently.   "At the end of three years, that content is going to disappear or we're going to be violating something by attempting to use this content?”,0,429771.story#tugs_story_display

Baby Monitor Hacked: Security Experts Advise Securing Home WiFi Network After Father Hears Disturbing Voice Emanating From Device


The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) – August 29, 2013
...find out why child health experts are asking the US Government for much stricter radiation standards for all wireless devices including Wi-Fi (wireless internet).

Letter to Parents on Fertility and Other Risks to Children from Wireless Technologies

Project Definition and Funding Strategy for Phase 1A of the
Common Core Technology Project Plan – Cindy Sage, Letter to Los Angeles Board of Education

Why are we rushing ahead with this spread of microwave radiation?

Harvard doctor warns against wireless hazards

A letter sent to the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) from Martha R. Herbert, PhD, MD regarding wireless installations in LA schools. 


Dr. Anthony Miller to Toronto Council re: RF Exposure
University of Toronto's Dalla Lana School of Public Health presents to Toronto Council that RF exposure should be classified as a 2A (probable carcinogen), not a 2B (possible carcinogen)

The Royal Society of Canada is in the process of reviewing Health Canada’s exposure standards (Safety Code 6) in relation to radio frequency radiation emitted by cell towers and all wireless technologies to determine if new safety standards are needed.

Rodney Palmer’s presentation (18 min) Child affected by Wi-Fi
Learn what actions school officials took after two children died in Simcoe SD from cardiac arrest

Charlene Acres presentation (8min) Child affected by Wi-Fi

Dr. Martin Blank presentation (13 min)

Frank Clegg, former President of Microsoft

Marcey Kliparchuk, (14 min) teacher

Sharon Noble, Director of Stop Smart Meters BC

Una St Clair, Director of CST

Dan Welland, C4ST (7 min)

Margaret Friesen M. Sc (14 min),49,3564

A Science Icon Died 17 Years Ago. In His Last Interview, He Made A Warning That Gives Me Goosebumps. by Rajiv Narayan - Upworthy:

Special DNA concerns for children - Martin Blank, PhD
Martin Blank, PhD joined Devra Davis, PhD, Hugh Taylor, MD, David Carpenter, MD, Camilla Rees, MBA and Frank Clegg at the 1st public forum in the U.S. on EMF effects on Children, Fetuses and Fertility in Stonington, CT, June 2013.
Do we need more research? - Martin Blank, PhD Special Lecturer and Retired Assoc. Professor, Columbia University
Wi-Fi in Schools: Dr. Stephen Sinatra M.D.

Dr. Olle Johansson of the Karolinska Institute of Sweden warns about the potential irreversible damage being done to DNA of our children by exposure to RF radiation from cell phones and transmitters, Wi-Fi Internet, smart meters, etc. 

Scientist/Research Biochemist Dr. Jerry Phillips speaks of industry interference with studies:

Dr. Magda Havas: The Truth About Wired & Wireless Technologies
Dr. Hugh Taylor discussing Yale research showing ADHD like behavior and brain changes from cell phone exposure in mice. by ElectromagneticHealth.Org - Vimeo - 2013:

Strong evidence for hazards of RF in brain cancer. "A whole generation may be very much at risk" - David Carpenter, MD by ElectromagneticHealth.Org - Vimeo - June 2013:

WiFi Health Effects: Presentation to Portland Public Schools Board
Dr. Martin Pall, Professor Emeretis of Biochemistry and Basic Medical Sciences, and Merry Callahan, health advocate, present updated information on the health impacts from EMF radiation. 2013.

Radiofrequency Radiation - Hidden Health and Environmental Effects by B. Blake Levitt

Dr. Klinghardt showing the chilling effect of microwave radiation on the pathogens in our bodies.

Mr. Barrie Trower, residing in England, is a retired British military intelligence scientist, a physicist, specialist in microwaves and had a career in MI5, when RF and microwaves were used as weapons.

Barrie Trower at the Open Mind Conference

NEW Barrie Trower WiFi Report - Humanity At The Brink

These 14 clips of Barrie Trower's presentations total about 30 minutes, please take the time to watch them.

Barrie Trower (Clip 1 of 14) - Irreparable DNA Damage from Non-Ionising Radiation

Barrie Trower (Clip 2 of 14) - No Safe Level of Microwave Radiation for Children

Barrie Trower (Clip 3 of 14) - Electro-Sensitivity in School Children
Barrie Trower (Clip 4 of 14) - Why won't schools confirm in writing that Wi-Fi is Safe?

Barrie Trower (Clip 5 of 14) - Schools are not insured against microwave damage

Barrie Trower (Clip 6 of 14) - Doctors are afraid to diagnose microwave sickness
Barrie Trower (Clip 7 of 14) - The government will not let this industry fail
Barrie Trower (Clip 8 of 14) - If you take on this industry, you take on the government

Barrie Trower (Clip 9 of 14) - How the mobile phone industry can buy itself another 25 years

Barrie Trower (Clip 10 of 14) - You can't take these people to court proving it's dangerous

Barrie Trower (Clip 11 of 14) - Impossible to pass radiation through a child without a reaction

Barrie Trower (Clip 12 of 14) - There will be lawsuits enough to bankrupt any government

SSITA BT (Clip 13 of 14) - The slow, slippery slope to ill health (Microwave effects on melatonin)

Barry Trower (Clip 14 of 14) - Schools do not have the right to make that decision

Death, Lies and Mutations: Proof the Military Knew All Along About Microwave Radiation Dangers

Why are the medical professionals not getting involved

Limit School WIFI Exposure - YouTube - September 21, 2013:

Safe & Smart 4 r Kids- reduce wireless radiation (9min)
Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency’s advice (ARPNSA)
is equivalent to Health Canada who determines our exposure standard (Safety Code 6) for radio frequency, microwave radiation exposure

Doctors weigh in on dangers of Wi-Fi signal exposure

Limit School WIFI Exposure - Las Vegas - September 21, 2013:

Wi-Fi health hazard for students - 

13 Dangers Electromagnetic Radiation Exposure Part 1

The Truthseeker: 'Casualty catastrophe' - Cell phones & Child Brains
Insurers stop covering cell phone use and called it the next 'casualty catastrophe' after tobacco and asbestos; phone manufacturers hit with a class action and personal lawsuits; and the warning deep inside your mobile.

Concerns student's fatal brain tumour linked to wifi

The Daily Planet Show talks about some of the effects of WiFi
Exposing ants to 30 minutes of WiFi caused the ants to slow down and it took almost 6 hours for them to recover and start moving around normally again

Devra Davis Ph.D. : Dangers of Cell Phones & The Real Truth About Health Conference [Live & Online] - Learn about preventing disease and premature aging

Cell Phone Dangers | Dr. Devra Davis @ National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences

Could cell phones be dangerous? - December 30, 2013:
- http://

Keep Your Cellphone Out of Your Bra, Pt 1 & Pt 2 - The Dr. Oz Show & Guest John West, MD Surgeon [Breast Specialist] - December 06, 2013
(Keeping your belongings in your bra is convenient and easy. But when it comes to stowing your phone in your bra, it could be doing more harm than good. Find out if cellphones are a risk factor for breast cancer.)

Even men are getting breast cancer in unusually large numbers.

SPECIAL REPORT: Keeping cell phone in bra may lead to breast cancer

Mobile Phones Cause Cancer

Are You Allergic to Your Cell Phone? 

Hear Dangerous Microwaves from Baby Monitor Loud and Clear -

The Sounds of Different RF Radiation Sources with a HF Analyzer

Smartphone pictures pose privacy risks - Pictures you've e-mailed or uploaded from your smartphone could leak information that can threaten your safety or that of your children

Goodbye my Phone and Hello to Reality! YouTube - November 26, 2013:

Wi-Fi - Nanaimo Council Meeting - August 07, 2013:
Christel Martin speaks about health effects from cell towers and Wi-Fi on humans and wildlife re Colliery Dams wildlife refuge


Smart Meter Radiation – Live Blood Analysis 

Microwave radiation dangers in your home - by Magda Havas - YouTube - October 19, 2010:

Teaser "Where can we live?"

I Forgot My Phone - YouTube - August 22, 2013:

Digital dementia: The memory problem plaguing teens and young adults

Children's Health Expert Panel (AUDIO): "Cellphones and Wifi - Are Children, Fetuses and Fertility at Risk?"
“We think its important parents, teachers and schools know about the risks to children, fetuses and those hoping to conceive from cell phones, WiFi and wireless infrastructure. So we held this program bringing in some of the most knowledgeable experts on the science. Please listen and share widely to empower people to take precautionary steps”.

(audio 58:11)The Link Between EMF and Autism? (Sage/Herbert interview) - An audio conversation with Cindy Sage and Dr. Martha Herbert, presented by the Collaborative for Health and the Environment - December 10, 2013:

Cell Phones & WiFi--Are Children, Fetuses and Fertility at Risk" - Electromagnetic - August 29, 2013: (audio 1:40:01)

"Cell Phones & WiFi - Are Children, Fetuses and Fertility at Risk?" - La Grua Center, Stonington, CT - June 28, 2013: (audio 1:34:56)

EMF Protection in the Home - Part 1- Lloyd Burrell - ElectricSense's EMF Health Show - August 2013: (audio 15:54)

Flyers and Resources

A pamphlet outlining symptoms associated with electro-hypersensitivity can be downloaded, printed and shared.
Teachers' Resource Package re Wi-Fi in Schools

Parents' Information on Wi-Fi Installation in our Schools - Collection of Studies, Videos and News Releases
This is the information that was presented to the Victoria School Board over the last 2 years about the harmful effects microwave radiation has on our children in our schools.,72,3507

Here is an informative article about iPad radiation - a "must-read" for parents and teachers:
http://citizensforsafetechnol ​​are-they-safe-for-children-Fl​ yer.pdf

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