Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Cell Phone Use Linked to Lower Grades, Anxiety, and Much Worse...

Last week Dr. Oz and Sanjay Gupta separated fact from fiction on this hotly contested issue of cell phones. They suggest that parents should wait before giving your child a cellphone because children have thinner skulls and absorb ten times more radiation in the bone marrow than an adult.

Students using wireless laptops and iPads directly on their laps are unaware that these wireless devices are far more powerful than cell phones and exposing them to potential short and long term health effects.

Australia's top Neurosurgeon, Dr. Charlie Teo - "Explosion" in brain tumours and the truth (Parts 1 and 2)
Wake-up Call Australia
Concerns student's fatal brain tumour linked to wifi

Dr. Anthony B Miller, WHO scientist, presented to Toronto Councilors at the Government Management Committee about Cell Tower proliferation in the City, stating wireless radiation would be classified 2A (probable) carcinogen if evaluated today and recommends prudent avoidance. (4 min video presentation)

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