Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Parents want to know why, with the overwhelming amount of evidence of cancer, is it mandatory that our children be exposed to RF Radiation in our Schools?

Experts Find "Clear Evidence" of Cancer from Cell Phone Radiation in NTP Study
Eleven experts convened by the National Toxicology Program (NTP) over a three-day period to review the draft technical reports from the NTP's cell phone radiation studies concluded that there is "clear evidence" that exposure to cell phone radiation caused a rare cancer in the hearts of male rats, and "there is equivocal evidence" for the hearts of female rats.


2018 NTP Conclusions re: RF Microwave Radiation Studies in Rats

How Big Wireless Made Us Think That Cell Phones Are Safe: A Special Investigation
An excellent history of the industry, through various and well-known “bent” scientists deceiving the public, demeaning independent researchers, all to protect the telecoms who are knowingly exposing all of us to a very dangerous product. Just as guilty, IMHO, are the agencies such as Health Canada, Cancer Society, WHO which use the bent science to support the status quo, by deliberately misinforming the public about the unregulated wireless technology, which has never been tested for safety.
Lack of definitive proof that a technology is harmful does not mean the technology is safe, yet the wireless industry has succeeded in selling this logical fallacy to the world. In truth, the safety of wireless technology has been an unsettled question since the industry’s earliest days. The upshot is that, over the past 30 years, billions of people around the world have been subjected to a massive public-health experiment: Use a cell phone today, find out later if it causes cancer or genetic damage…


A report by Dr. Martin Pall “Wifi is an important threat to human health.”
Of special note: he discusses Ken Foster and John Moulder, 2 industry affiliated scientists who, for years, have argued that there is no evidence of harm from exposure to microwave radiation. These 2 “bent” scientists have been on Health Canada panels that have reviewed Safety Code 6, stating it is protective of non-thermal effects, when it applies to thermal effects only. On page 412 (8 of 12) he explains how they use poor science to help support wifi in schools, cell phones, etc. On page 411, 7 of 12 he speaks about the effects of RF on birds navigational systems. He concludes that evidence warrants use of hard wired access to the Internet in schools, restaurants, etc,, especially where children spend time.

Phonegate scandal goes unreported in Canadian media
The media is increasingly dependent upon the advertising revenue coming from Big Telecom, and naturally, you don’t bite the hand that feeds you.
9 out of 10 mobile phones tested in contact with the skin exceeded the regulatory threshold of 2 W/kg, some of them more than three times. No one paid attention to this information.


Diversity of media ownership literally non-existent in Canada
In terms of who has control over Canada’s English-language mediascape, the two biggest companies, Bell and Rogers, account for 43 per cent of all revenues. Add in Shaw and Telus, and these big four account for 70 per cent of the media landscape. All of these companies, with the exception of Telus, are vertically integrated in that they produce and distribute content across a range of media. In Quebec, Bell is the largest player, with an even larger share of one-third of the French-language mediascape.


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