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Virtual Reality Headsets Have Never Been Tested For Safety On Children

Dear Sirs/Madam,

Scientists and medical experts are extremely concerned about the promotion of the wireless virtual reality system in our schools and libraries. The 4D headsets now available in stores and the promotion of Google’s Expeditions Pioneer Program which provides a free kit with ASUS smartphones, and Google Cardboard headsets have never been tested for safety on children and could cause irreversible damage.


Cell phones emit RF radiation and should never be used directly in front of a child’s eyes and brain. Professor Om Gandhi from the University of Utah, who is one of the original developers of testing wireless radiation from cellphones, has stated “We have never tested microwave radiating devices directly in front of the young developing eye. The absence of proof of harm at this point does not mean that we have evidence of safety.”


In a German study mobile phones have been linked to a rare form of eye cancer suggesting regular use of cellphones could lead to an increased risk of contracting uveal melanoma, in which tumours form in the layer that makes up the iris and base of the retina.

Too Much Use of Mobile Phone Can Cause Eye Cancer

Cell-phone radiation can cause visual damage

The health and safety information provided with these headsets includes a list of warnings to the user when using this product. The risks identified include severe dizziness, seizures, epileptic seizures and other conditions of epilepsy. blackouts triggered by light flasher or patterns, and loss of awareness.

Further, the product warnings go on to say that this product should not be used when tired, needing sleep, under the influence of alcohol or drugs, are hung-over, have digestive problems, under emotional stress or anxiety, or when suffering from cold, flu, headaches, migraines, or headaches, as this can increase your susceptibility to adverse symptoms. 
It is of great importance to note the following warning, " This product should not be used by children under the age of 13 as these children may be at increased health and safety risk. Adults should monitor children (age 13 and older) who are using or have used the Headset for any of the symptoms described above.”

What the Telecom Industry Doesn’t Tell You…But Does Tell Its Investors 
Environmental Health Trust has assembled a series of slides by Telecom Companies that warn investors of the potential for economic loss due to litigation about health effects from wireless.  For eg. VERIZON states:  "Our wireless business also faces personal injury and consumer class action lawsuits related to alleged health effects of wireless phones or radio frequency transmitters, and class action lawsuits that challenge marketing practices and disclosures relating to alleged adverse health effects of handheld wireless phones.  We may incur significant expenses in defending these lawsuits.  In addition, we may be required to pay significant awards or settlements." 


The International EMF Scientist Appeal, signed by over 200 EMF research scientists, university professors and medical doctors from 40 countries, called upon the United Nations, the WHO, and the UN Member States to address the emerging public health crisis caused by indiscriminate use of microwave radiation emitting devices without safety precautions.

Our children's health is at risk and until the industry can ensure the public that this product is safe for children to use we are asking the schools and libraries not to promote these wireless virtual reality headsets.  The burden of proof should not be put upon the public to prove that it’s unsafe, but upon the industry to prove it is safe.

Thank you!
Janis Hoffmann

Sunday, 28 May 2017

A new Canadian study reports that 558 lifetime hours of cell phone use doubles the chance of gliomas, a deadly brain cancer.

Canadian Study Finds Cell Phone Use Increases Risk For Brain Cancer
Governments have allowed this technology to pervade our lives saying it did not have proof it could harm us. We now have evidence from the latest Canadian Interphone study data that found a statistically significant doubling of risk for glioma among cell phone users with only 558 lifetime hours of use.

How long will it take a teenager to amass 558 hours of cell phone use?

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Canada – Policy Recommendations On Cell Phones, Wireless Radiation & Health

Cellphone Ban at Victoria Middle School pushes the wrong buttons
It is a first for the Greater Victoria School District. In a letter to parents, principal Topher Macintosh said despite efforts to control their use, “the detrimental impact of cellphones on our school is clear and overwhelming.” “Many students have tremendous difficulty managing their use of cellphones, and because of this, teachers are finding phones a serious impediment to instruction and learning.” But efforts will be made to satisfy the concerns of parents who oppose the ban, Macintosh said.

Dear Mr. Macintosh,
It takes leadership to challenge what is popular and address the growing problem of cell phone addiction in our schools.  It’s clear the constant use of cell phones is interfering with our children’s ability to interact and develop healthy relationships in the real world.  This addiction is robbing our children of the opportunity to build life skills that include critical thinking, communication, cooperation, and the ability to focus.

Besides the negative impact this addiction has on learning, parents, teachers and students are unaware of the known health risks from the unregulated exposure to RF radiation emitting from these wireless devices.   Your decision to ban the use of Cell Phones during school hours will make a huge impact on the reduction of radiation exposure our children are experiencing in our classrooms.

Soon other schools will follow your lead to provide a safe and healthy environment for our children to learn in.

Thank you!
Janis Hoffmann

Toronto School Bans Cellphones from Class

Questions over whether wi-fi is safe for our kids
“Most people trust official advice and do not question it but in Scotland the public and our decision-makers have not been accurately informed about the possible harmful effects of wireless signals.“Children have the right to a safe environment and I think this means adapting technology in schools to wired-only connections and restricting mobile devices.”


Canada – Policy Recommendations On Cell Phones, Wireless Radiation & Health
- Limit the length of cell phone calls
- Replace cell phone calls with text, use “hands-free” devices
- Encourage children under the age of 18 to limit their cell phone usage.

Database of Worldwide Policies on Cell Phones, Wireless and Health
A list of Worldwide Policies on Cell Phones, Wireless and Health by governments, health authorities and schools worldwide

Wireless communication technologies: New study findings confirm risks of nonionizing radiation
This article documents the latest study findings regarding the endpoints of genotoxicity, fertility, blood-brain barrier, cardiac functions, cognition, and behavior. A verified mechanism of damage is oxidative cell stress. New hypotheses of additional mechanisms of action will also be presented.


More and more schools are implementing a 'No cell phone' policy during school hours due to distractions that negatively impact learning. However, much of this problem could be resolved with the removal of WiFi and the return to hard-wired Internet which is faster, cheaper, more reliable and more secure than wireless networks.
Unlike WiFi, hard-wired Internet gives teachers more control as to when the Internet is accessed in the classroom and allows oversight to ensure the content is appropriate for learning. Hard wired Internet allows oversight that benefits our children while also significantly reducing their daily exposure to RFR. Peer reviewed science overwhelmingly suggests cumulative Radio Frequency Radiation is a health risk, particularly for developing children. Hard-wired Internet reduces RFR exposure making it the safest, healthiest choice for our children.

Typical Classroom Wiring Cost: US pricing
$250 for five 8-port Gigbabit Switches
$125 for OctoWired Flexible Conduit System
$ 25 for Ethernet cable and connectors
$100 for two hours of labor to install
$500 total per classroom

Ever wonder why people are so addicted to their wireless devices?

60 Minutes viewers object to the idea of "brain hacking"

Sunday’s segment on how tech insiders say programmers get you to check your phone constantly had some viewers powering down
Harris, while employed as a Google product manager, authored a 144-page presentation three years ago that said the distractions of apps are “weakening our relationships to each other” and “destroying our kids’ ability to focus.”


The Doctor Who Stood Up to Monsanto & Declared Agent Orange Carcinogenic Warns Us on Wireless

As Commonly Used, Cell Phones Exceed Canada’s Radiation Exposure Limits - CBC Investigation - Canadians Await Government Action As Cancer Connections Strengthen
When contacted by Prevent Cancer Now, Edmonton neuro-oncologistDr. Jacob Easawconfirmed, "younger patients with brain tumours are presenting more frequently to my clinics. One possible explanation is the use of cell phones. Younger patients may especially be at risk because of thinner skulls and developing/maturing brains.”

Landmark Italian Court Ruling Recognizes Causal Link Between Cellphone Use and Brain Tumor
The Italian Court of Ivrea is the first Court in the world to recognize a causal link between cellphone use and brain tumors in an April 11, 2017 ruling which awarded a Telecom employee, Roberto Romeo, lifetime damages of 500 euros a month after he developed a brain tumor from fifteen years of cell phone use.

Greece: Athens Medical Association Recommends Reducing Electromagnetic Wireless Radiation To Protect Public Health
On April 1st the Athens Medical Association (AMA) held a Scientific Conference on “Non-Ionizing Radiation and Its Effects on Human Health” at the Athens Medical Association Building, Athens, Greece. Scientific lectures were followed by a discussion, then the Athens Medical Association decision to issue 16 recommendations to reduce human exposure to wireless radiation.


In March 2017, an international delegation of ECERI scientists who are experts on the subject of health effects from non-thermal levels of EMF (wireless radiation) met with the WHO . They were Tarmo Koppel (EE), Dominique Belpomme (F), Ernesto Burgio (I), Christine Campagnac (F), David Carpenter (US), Lennart Hardell (SE), and Igor Belyaev (SKA). This newsletter covered the meeting and includes several recent scientific publications by ECERI scientists.

The International EMF Scientist Appeal calls upon the United Nations, the WHO, UNEP and the UN Member States to:
Address the emerging public health crisis related to cell phones, wireless devices, wireless utility meters and wireless infrastructure in neighborhoods; and

Urge that the United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP) initiate an assessment of alternatives to current exposure standards and practices that could substantially lower human exposures to non-ionizing radiation.

The Doctor Who Stood Up to Monsanto & Declared Agent Orange Carcinogenic Warns Us on Wireless
Dr. Lennart Hardell did research on Agent Orange in the 1970's and determined it to be carcinogenic and toxic. His research was discounted by officials who were later found to be on the payroll of Monsanto. This excerpt is from a long video of a conference of Next Up ress Conference 5th Paris Appeal Congress :A Focus on ElectroHyperSensitivity (EHS) and Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS)


by Martin L. Pall, Professor Emeritus of Biochemistry and Basic Medical Sciences.  I have listed 11 different health effects of such non-thermal exposures, seven of which have been found to be produced by Wi-Fi exposure. When one looks at these health impacts it is clear that non-thermal EMF exposures attack: our health; our brain function; the integrity of our genomes; and our ability to produce healthy offspring.5. Neither Wi-Fi apparatuses nor other devices putting out such EMFs are ever tested biologically for safety not even one of them, not even once, before they are put out to irradiate the unsuspecting public. Such biological safety testing is the only way to say anything about their biological impacts.

All assurances of safety that you will see in industry propaganda are based on a theory (of only thermal effects) and that theory has been shown to be false and should have discarded, in my opinion, over 40 years ago. 

SUMMARY: 19 studies have each shown health effects of Wi-Fi, most of which have also been shown to occur in response to low intensity exposures to other types of microwave frequency EMFs. These are likely to have massive health effects by producing male infertility (female infertility has not been studied in response to Wi-Fi), oxidative stress (involved in dozens of human diseases), cellular DNA damage (possibly leading to both cancer and mutations in future generations), life threatening cardiac effects, cellular apoptosis and also intracellular calcium overload (with both of these possibly leading to neurodegenerative diseases), various neuropsychiatric changes and many hormonal changes. The high level sensitivity of stem cells to such EMFs may put children, particularly young children at special risk of Wi-Fi exposure. It follows that placing Wi-Fi in schools may well be especially damaging. 

 Wi-Fi as a Very Substantial Threat to Human Health, by Dr Martin Pall (.pdf file via Mobilfunk/Omega Group, further links below)

"I have been asked to comment on the health and safety of Wi-Fi. I am happy to do so. Because this is a long document, I want to first outline what is in this document so you can see how it all fits together:

1.     FCC and other safety guidelines are based on the assumption that microwave frequency electromagnetic fields (EMFs) can only produce thermal (heating) effects. In other words they claim that there cannot be any nonthermal effect on our bodies.
2.     However there have been many thousands of studies in the scientific literature, published from the 1950’s to the present, with each of these showing the existence of one of more non-thermal EMF effects.
3.     There is a consensus among independent scientist, as shown by the 2015 Appeal to the United Nations signed by 220 independent research active scientist experts in this area, that there are non-thermal health effects produced by these EMFs and that the current safety guidelines are inadequate because they do not take these non-thermal effects into consideration.
4.     I have listed 11 different health effects of such non-thermal exposures, seven of which have been found to be produced by Wi-Fi exposure. When one looks at these health impacts it is clear that non-thermal EMF exposures attack: our health; our brain function; the integrity of our genomes; and our ability to produce healthy offspring.
5.     Neither Wi-Fi apparatuses nor other devices putting out such EMFs are ever tested biologically for safety – not even one of them, not even once, before they are put out to irradiate the unsuspecting public. Such biological safety testing is the only way to say anything about their biological impacts.
6.     I have found what appears to be the main mechanism of action by which low intensity EMFs produce these non-thermal effects. This mechanism which is described below, is that these EMFs activate what are called voltage-gated calcium channels. Most if not all of these effects produced (see #4 above) can be understood as being caused by the excessive calcium levels in the cell produced though this activation
7.     In Table 1, I present 19 studies of health-related impacts of Wi-Fi exposure, each of which have found one or more health related impacts of Wi-Fi. 7 of these health effects have been replicated more than once in these Wi-Fi studies; these 7 have also been found to occur repeatedly following other low-intensity EMF exposures and should, therefore be considered established effect of Wi Fi. Industry propaganda claims that Wi-Fi has no health effects should be rejected out of hand.
8.     There are some supposed Wi-Fi studies that have been claimed by industry to have found no effects. These studies are each tiny studies that have no statistical power to make any such a claim and they are also studies where the effects of simulated Wi-Fi were studied not real Wi-Fi.
9.     There are four different types of studies, each of which provide evidence for cumulative effects of non-thermal EMF exposures. While none of these looked at Wi-Fi, they suggest that it is likely that biological impact of Wi-Fi will get much worse over time and therefore the short term studies described in #7 may only describe a small part of the long term effects.
10.  Wi-Fi and other microwave frequency EMFs may be particularly active in producing biological damage in young people. It follows from this that placing Wi-Fi in schools may be particularly problematic..."

Links to more presentations, papers etc. by Martin Pall:

Tuesday, 4 April 2017

The secret inside your cellphone (CBC Marketplace)

CBC Investigation: Cell Phones Violate Radiation Government Radiation Limits
Davis notes that tablets and other wireless devices held directly on laps also will likely violate the tested distance as most devices are regulatory tested at least 8 inches away from the body, adding that the arms of many young children do not extend to that length.

Letters to Health Minister Philpott about statement on CBC Marketplace “The Secret Inside Your Cellphone”
Health Canada submitted the most outrageous and irresponsible comment “EVEN IF A SMALL CHILD WERE EXPOSED TO A CELL PHONE… 24 HOURS A DAY, 365 DAYS A YEAR … THERE WOULD BE NO ADVERSE HEALTH EFFECT.”

fine print

Dane Snowden of the CTIA does not say cell phones are safe (.23 min)

Cell Phones Would Be Illegal If Radiation Tested In the Way They Are Used (4.22 min)

Wifi in Md. schools may put your kid at risk for cancer
At the Baltimore Convention Center last June, the Pediatric Academic Societies showcased research showing that children are more vulnerable than adults to microwave radiation, which can cause a host of serious learning and behavioral problems along with increasing cancer risk.

at risk

The Appeal also states, “Based on scientific studies no safe level of this radiation has been established and therefore we have no safety assurances.”
  • No wireless networks in preschools, kindergartens and schools.
  • A hard-wired direct cable connection is recommended to each classroom for the teacher to use during lessons.
  • Prefer wired telephones for personnel in preschools, kindergartens and schools.
  • Prefer cabled connection to Internet and printers in schools and turn off Wi-Fi settings in all equipment.
  • Prefer laptops and tablets that can be connected by cable to Internet.
  • Students should not be allowed to use cell phones in schools. They can either leave them at home or the teacher collects them in turned off mode before first lesson in the morning.

This is what happens to your brain and body when you check your phone before bed
Staring at screens right before sleep turns out to be a lot worse than previously thought. Dr. Dan Siegel, clinical professor of psychiatry at the UCLA School of Medicine, lays out all of the negative effects bedtime screen viewing can have on the brain and body.


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Thursday, 30 March 2017

Letters to Health Minister Philpott about statment on CBC Marketplace “The secret inside your cellphone”

Dear Hon. Health Minister Philpott,

On Friday night, CBC Marketplace broadcast a program called, “The secret inside your cellphone” where it was explained the Minister of Health, which would be you, was unavailable to comment on the safety of cell phone use. Instead, Health Canada submitted the most outrageous and irresponsible comment “EVEN IF A SMALL CHILD WERE EXPOSED TO A CELL PHONE… 24 HOURS A DAY, 365 DAYS A YEAR … THERE WOULD BE NO ADVERSE HEALTH EFFECT.”

Your silence by refusing to inform the public of the potential health risks by not enforcing the safety manuals mandated by the federal government and included in all wireless technology makes you accountable for any and all permanent injuries to our children.

In January 1998, The Wingspread Conference held a three-day academic conference where the Precautionary Principle was defined. It involved 35 scientists, lawyers, policy makers and environmentalists from the United States, Canada and Europe.

It was agreed the Precautionary Principle would be implemented when an activity raises threats of harm to human health or the environment, even if some cause and effect relationships are not fully established scientifically. The Precautionary Principle shifts the burden of proof, insisting that those responsible for an activity must vouch for its harmlessness and be held responsible if damage occurs.

Your job and obligation to implement the Precautionary Principle and protect the public on this potential health crisis would have taken 5 minutes of your time to comment on the need to inform the public on the basic safety measures of using a cell phone and protect themselves and their children from the potential health risks from the radiation exposure.

Maybe it’s time to read over the mandated letter from Prime Minister Trudeau and the promises you made to live up to the highest ethical standards so Canadians could look up to their government with pride and trust?

We have committed to an open, honest government that is accountable to Canadians, lives up to the highest ethical standards, and applies the utmost care and prudence in the handling of public funds. I expect you to embody these values in your work and observe the highest ethical standards in everything you do. When dealing with our Cabinet colleagues, Parliament, stakeholders, or the public, it is important that your behaviour and decisions meet Canadians’ well-founded expectations of our government. I want Canadians to look on their own government with pride and trust.

As Minister, you must ensure that you are aware of and fully compliant with the Conflict of Interest Act and Treasury Board policies and guidelines. You will be provided with a copy of Open and Accountable Government to assist you as you undertake your responsibilities. I ask that you carefully read it and ensure that your staff does so as well. I draw your attention in particular to the Ethical Guidelines set out in Annex A of that document, which apply to you and your staff. As noted in the Guidelines, you must uphold the highest standards of honesty and impartiality, and both the performance of your official duties and the arrangement of your private affairs should bear the closest public scrutiny. This is an obligation that is not fully discharged by simply acting within the law. Please also review the areas of Open and Accountable Government that we have expanded or strengthened, including the guidance on non-partisan use of departmental communications resources and the new code of conduct for exempt staff.


This irresponsible statement is unacceptable, proving you have not fulfilled your obligation to the public by protecting them from potential harm.  It should not be up to the public to prove that a product is not safe but up to the industry to prove it is safe.

Janis Hoffmann 
Dane Snowden of the CTIA does not say cell phones are safe

Dear Hon. Health Minister Philpott.

On Friday, March 24, 2017, CBC’s Marketplace broadcast a program called “The secret inside your cellphone” which spoke about how the cell phone industry is misleading its customers.  It exposed how customers are not told about how to use their phones and how Health Canada is failing to protect the public. Due to various constraints, Ms. Mesley couldn’t address all of the issues, but shockingly you did not respond to any of her questions. Marketplace did not have the time to tell people that Health Canada’s guidelines are among the weakest in the world. Even China, Russia and India allow their citizens to be exposed to mere fractions of the levels of RF allowed by Safety Code 6.

But worst of all is the dangerously misleading statement told, blatantly, by Health Canada that is included in this screen shot. “EVEN IF A SMALL CHILD WERE EXPOSED TO A CELL PHONE… 24 HOURS A DAY, 365 DAYS A YEAR … THERE WOULD BE NO ADVERSE HEALTH EFFCT.”

Based upon the hundreds of studies I’ve read, this statement is a lie. No scientist, even industry scientists, would say that microwave radiation is safe. Minister Philpott, do you support this, and agree that this is the information that should be given to parents who are looking for guidance? 

What is the basis for this statement? Are you willing to put your name to it? If you are not, and if you cannot give me scientific evidence to support this statement then you MUST retract it from the CBC Marketplace program and delete it from all of Health Canada’s references.

With deep concern,
Sharon Noble

Sent: March 26, 2017
Subject: concerned parent over Health Canada's remarks


As a mother of three, I pride myself in doing my best to provide my children with as safe a home as possible. I always err on the side of caution when choosing products for my children that are potentially harmful. For a representative of Health Canada to say on public television that it is safe to expose children to a cell phone for 24 hours a day, 365 days a year is incredibly irresponsible and dangerous. The fact that the World Health Organization has classified electro-magnetic radiation from wireless devices as a Class 2B potential carcinogen, is enough for me to use wireless devices safely. And, I have taught my children the same. It is a shock that Health Canada would disregard the scientific findings that went behind this classification.

The public is weary of Health Canada always siding with industry on questions of public health and preventive measures. But, this blatant disregard for the health of Canadian children has gone too far. 

This statement needs to be withdrawn immediately. 

Yours truly,

Sent: March 26, 2017
Subject: Marketplace reveals Health Canada is Injuring Canadians' Health & Endangering the Lives of Children

Minister Philpott,


There is no scientific evidence  to substantiate that statement.  Indeed there is increasing scientific evidence it is blatantly false. 

Is this the same government that promised evidence-based policies?

Where, Ms. Philpott, is your evidence? 

If you have no evidence and you do not, because there is no evidence that would justify that statement, I respectfully request that you order Health Canada to retract their statement and issue a correction.  I further request that the Health Canada statement, AS A MINIMUM, urge cell phone users to review the data on how cell phones should be used and carried.

Please respond.  I do not want a form letter.  I want to know someone in your office actually is reading taxpayers' communications to your office.


Sent: March 26, 2017
Subject: Health Canada, out of touch with science

Dear Hon. Health Minister Philpott,

The recent CBC - Marketplace program on cellphones, informed the viewers of your unfortunate decision not to speak to Ms. Mesley, the investigative reporter of this program.  This left a rather poor impression on the Liberal government, as your party campaigned on "science-based decision making".

The most disturbing information of this program was Health Canada's outrageous, unscientific claim:  "Even if a small child were exposed to a cell phone . . . 24 hours a day, 365 days a year . . . there would be no adverse Health effect." 

I have written to you before regarding this outlandish safety claim that, to this day, is present on Health Canada's website.  Unfortunately, your staff decided to pass my previous email to Health Canada, and I am quite certain that you did not have a chance to glance at the medical science information I provided.   
Instead, I received the usual form letter from Health Canada, stunningly denouncing peer reviewed research by hundreds of respected scientists and specialists of electromagnetic, 'non-ionizing' radiation research, and all fields of medicine! 
Such unprecedented, grotesque level of arrogance, and unbridled hubris, has no place in a caring and educated modern society!  

Every parent wishes the best health information for their children, but what value does it hold when the information they receive from Health Canada is outdated, and not based on current scientific literature?  

Ms. Philpott, are you aware of the warning posters the Austrian Medical Association has prominently displayed in medical clinics, regarding cell phones and wireless devices?  

Medical Rules For Cell Phone use: 
No. 1 -  Use a cell phone as little and as short as possible, children and teenagers under the age of 16 should not use a cell phone at all!

Why does Health Canada irresponsibly encourage 24/7 microwave radiation exposure for children, while other countries around the world warn of negative biological consequences?    

“A disservice has been done in inaccurately depicting the body of science, which actually indicates that there are biological effects from the radiation emitted by wireless devices, including damage to DNA, and evidence for increased risk of cancer and other substantial health consequences…The public the world over has been misled by this reporting.”
- Dr. ​Ronald B. Herberman, - Founding Director of the University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute, Vice Chancellor of Cancer Research at University of Pittsburgh and the first head of an NCI funded cancer center to ​speak out ​on the risks from cell phones.

"Because the World Health Organization considers wireless radiation a possible human carcinogen, wireless radiation does not belong in schools with young children ­
- Anthony B. Miller MD PHD - expert advisor to the WHO, Professor Emeritus University of Toronto - in the C4ST Women's College Hospital Symposium 9/12/14.

 "​As a research scientist and physician who studies how microwave radiation affects the outcomes of pregnancy, I am deeply concerned about growing exposures to cell phone and other wireless radiation​." ­
- Prof.Hugh Taylor, MD, PhD, - Chief of Obstetrics/Gynecology - at Yale University Medical School, 2013.    

“Radiation at extremely low levels (0.0001, the level, much lower than emitted by the average digital cellular telephone) caused heart attacks and the deaths of some chicken embryos...independent, third-party peer reviewed studies need to be conducted in the U.S. to begin examining the effects from radiation on migratory birds and other trust species.“ ­
- Willie Taylor - US Department of the Interior - in his ​February 2014 letter​ to Mr. Eli Veenendaal of the National Telecommunications and Information Administration, U.S. Dept. of Commerce.

"Scientific data on the biological effects of radiofrequency (RF) indicate the need to pursue a precautionary approach to protect the exposed population. It is clear that RF radiation can cause single and double strand DNA breaks at exposure levels that are currently considered safe under FCC guidelines". ­
Dr. Martin Blank - of Columbia University in his ​letter​ to the LAUSD​.

“Where there are threats of serious or irreversible damage, lack of full scientific certainty shall not be used as a reason for postponing cost-effective measures to prevent environmental degradation.”
- The United Nation’s ​Rio Declaration​ on the Environment and Development, 1992 - 
Canada is a signee of this document.

“The IARC 2B classification implies an assurance of safety that cannot be offered—a particular concern, given the prospect that most of the world’s population will have lifelong exposure to radiofrequency electromagnetic fields.” ­ 
- Dr. Jonathan Samet - physician and epidemiologist, Chair of the World Health Organization’s EMF Working Group who made the Class 2 B classification, in a 2014 Commentary.

“All reasonable measures to be taken to reduce exposures to electromagnetic fields, especially radiofrequencies from mobile phones and particularly the exposures to children and young adults. Current exposure limits to be reconsidered.”
- European Environment Agency -​

Here you will find these quotes, plus so much more information on this subject:

Health Canada is clearly is not acting in the interest of Canadians!  Therefore, as grandparents, we are deeply concerned about the future health of our two little grandchildren, as their environment has become saturated with unnatural, man-made electrosmog pollution, with no end in sight!

Health Canada has become a liability for all Canadians, as staff refuses to accept the mountains of scientific evidence of harm that was made available to them from many associations and groups, including myself. 
Health Canada refuses to adopt the 'Precautionary Principle' of science; instead, they irresponsibly encourage the use of wireless devices for children on their website ! 
This deliberate negligence of duty leaves the distinct impression that they have become a lobby group for the wireless industry!  Either they lack the medical credentials, or they simply succumbed to what is now termed as: 'wireless dementia'!   

Ms. Philpott, we and thousands of others urge you to bring this travesty by Health Canada to light! 
Please think of the children and their future, and let current 'independent' science be your guide.

Kind Regards,
Marcus (Citizens for Safe Technology)  

P.S.  Your response would be appreciated, but please be so kind and spare us the indignity of Health Canada's rhetoric. 

Sent: March 27, 2017
Subject: Irresponsible Cell Phone Safety Statement

Hon. Minister Philpott,

I am contacting you after viewing the excellent CBC Marketplace segment "The Secret Inside Your Phone" by Wendy Mesley.

This is a subject that I have been following for many years now, unfortunately, due to my son's symptoms resulting from electro-hypersensitivity. He is now almost 24, and about the only person in that age group that I know who does not (cannot) use a cell phone. He tries to maintain and balance a normal life and social connections, while at the same time attempting to surreptitiously avoid all sources of RF radiation from cell phones, cordless phones, wifi routers, cell transmitters, etc. As you can imagine, this is very challenging in our current wireless-everything environment, but he's learned to adapt the best he can.

Aside from finding the Oncologist in the story very irresponsible with his statements, I was most deeply dismayed to see the one Health Canada slide that said:   EVEN IF A SMALL CHILD WERE EXPOSED TO A CELL PHONE… "24 HOURS A DAY, 365 DAYS A YEAR … THERE WOULD BE NO ADVERSE HEALTH EFFECTS."

Given the vast amount of studies and data that I've seen firsthand that contradict this, I feel this misleading statement borders on being criminal.

There is more than enough evidence to dispute this ridiculous statement, and I respectfully request that Health Canada retract this outrageous and irresponsible claim immediately.


To: "jane philpott" <>
Cc: "pm" <>, "marketplace" <>
Sent: Wednesday, March 29, 2017 10:47:40 AM
Subject: Marketplace - CBC

Dear Honorable Philpott,

I am puzzled as to why the following statement that appeared on CBC Marketplace's program on cellphones has not been challenged by your Ministry:


This is an outrageous statement and is blatantly false. There are hundreds of scientific studies proving that exposure to cellphones on a long-term basis is hazardous to one's health. 

And anyone who knows anything about small children knows that their brains and bodies are still forming and are extremely vulnerable. If cellphone signals can pass through cement walls of buildings, don't you think they could also penetrate young bodies? And what about the rest of us? Don't you think we are affected by cellphone signals passing through our bodies as well?

The scientific research is out there on the dangers of ALL wireless technologies, not just cellphones. iPads, tablets, wireless printers and Smart Meters (that cannot be turned off) just to name a few. We need to be reducing our addiction to these harmful technologies, not encouraging them.

As the Minister of Health for Canada, is it not your responsibility to be informed about such topics of great importance? I ask that you contact CBC Marketplace and request that they retract this most misleading and legally-challenging statement.

As the Minister of Health for Canada you might also want to look into the future about 5-10 years from now. When I do that, I see hospitals bulging with people with brains tumors and other debilitating conditions caused by exposure to WiFi and other wireless technologies. What will this do to the health care budget? Isn't it time to deal with it now rather than later?

WiFi is the new smoking. It took 40 years to overcome the immense pressure by tobacco lobbyists and their lawyers to prove that smoking causes cancer. Thousands of people died because they believed what the government was telling them ie smoking is safe. We now know a different truth.

This same scenario is being played out again, only the lobbyists and lawyers that are involved are promoting the wireless industry. They sit on relevant Boards and governmental groups and exert their powerful influence. This powerful influence is now causing people harm and even death. Something needs to be done--sooner rather than later. You are in a position to help.

I hope you will.