Sunday, 31 July 2016

Our Moms Who Care

We need your support!
The action is to have concerned Moms send an email to their local MP and to the Minister of Health Jane Philpott through our new campaign website. Over the past few months, C4ST has had meetings with well over 30 MP’s.  We thank MP Casey, MP John Oliver (Oakville) and the other members of the current HESA committee for their decision to present this report to the 42nd Parliament.

The current government now has 120 days to respond although the Minister of Health, Jane Philpott's office is expected to receive a copy of the report a month before that (mid September).

Our Moms Who Care campaign focuses on three main asks. C4ST is asking Minister 
 Philpott to:

1.Provide a comprehensive response to the 2015 HESA REPORT 

2.Implement all the 2015 HESA recommendations from the report “RADIOFREQUENCY ELECTROMAGNETIC RADIATION AND THE HEALTH OF CANADIANS”

3.Call for an full updated review of Safety Code 6, Health Canada’s guidelines regarding wireless radiation exposure, based on the significant evidence-based science that has been made public in the last 12 months. 

Please go to the website specially created for this campaign at and send an email to your MP and Minister Philpott stating your concerns. 

Then please share the campaign with all your family, friends, and neighbors. We have received feedback from several MP’s that individual emails have a far greater impact to them than petitions in determining what is important to the constituents in their Riding.

Our social media pages for the Moms Who Care campaign are found at:

We encourage you to take a few minutes and send an email to your MP and Minister of Health asking them to provide better protection for Canadians from the harmful effects of wireless radiation.

Sample of email to send:
To: Minister Jane Philipott

cc: Link for finding your Member of Parliament…/HouseO…/MemberByPostalCode.aspx…

Dear Minister Jane Philipott;

I am writing to you today regarding my concerns of the dangers of wireless radiation exposure, particularly for children. I am concerned about the use of WiFi in schools, cell tower locations and smart meters.

In the last year, there has been significant scientific evidence providing more strong support that Safety Code 6 does not protect Canadians. For example see the recent results from the $25m US National Toxicology program that shows a link between cell phone radiation and cancer in rats. Also, here is the link to a recent summary of an additional 60 studies that show harm at or below Safety Code 6 current levels.…/Over-60-pdf-studies-2016-showing-ha….

It is my understanding that Health Canada's response to the HESA report entitled, “RADIOFREQUENCY ELECTROMAGNETIC RADIATION AND THE HEALTH OF CANADIANS” is due Oct. 15, 2016. I am requesting that you provide a comprehensive response to the 2015 HESA report as well as implement all of the recommendations in that report. I am asking you for an updated review of Safety Code 6, Health Canada's guideline for wireless safety.

Thank you for protecting our children.

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