Sunday, 31 July 2016


Olga Sheean a former employee of the World Health Organization in Geneva and now a resident of Vancouver, BC, has written a wonderfully articulate and passionate letter to Gregor Robertson, Mayor of the city of Vancouver, about electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS) and the dangers of WiFi proliferation.

Once upon a time...
...the Earth was flat. Smoking was good for you. Thalidomide was great for morning sickness. Asbestos made for excellent insulation. Nuclear power was the way to go. GMO crops were a godsend to farmers everywhere. And hydrogenated oils were a cost-effective choice. Now, we have Wi-Fi and mobile networks, connecting us with everyone, everywhere, every second of every day... and creating a pervasive, virtually inescapable, unprecedented, unchecked, uncontrolled and rapidly escalating proliferation of radiation in our environment. But don’t worry; the Mayor of Vancouver says it’s safe!

“Although being exposed to harmful radiation without one’s consent and beyond one’s control is clearly a violation of one’s human rights, it’s hard to determine just how many of those rights are being violated. There’s the right to equal opportunity, the right to sustain a livelihood, the right to access all the services and amenities available to non-EHS citizens, the right to good health, the right to live in a safe environment, the right to choose whether to be exposed to harmful radiation and maybe even the right to exist, given the foregoing. It might even be considered a denial of our very humanity, given our natural reaction to radiation and the body’s inevitable tipping point of Intolerance for the ever-escalating levels. We all have tipping points of intolerance—…” 

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