Monday, 2 May 2016

California Parents Are Protesting in The Streets With Signs

Teachers concerned over WiFi health risks
Two teachers unions in Kingston Ontario say WiFi radiation is on the same cancer watch-list as DDT and car exhaust and that “there is increasing evidence that WiFi in the classroom is not safe”.

California Parents Are Protesting in The Streets With Signs
Parents in California are advocating for safer schools. Here are parents standing in front of their school in the Fullerton School District with a sign to inform teachers and parents about the risk of the wireless system.

Canadians Leading Battle vs. Wi-Fi Pollution
Wi-Fi pollution is “Canada’s worst crime ever against humanity” but scientists, doctors and the “sinfully silent news media” are failing to warn the public, says WF health advocate Jerry Flynn.

The Wi-Fi Kill Switch for Schools
The first step to acknowledging that Wi-Fi does cause health effects in our classrooms

EMFs Promote Cancer in Massive Animal Study
Italians Seek “Reevaluation" of EMF Safety
Once again, power-frequency magnetic fields have been found to act as a cancer promoter. Rats, which received a single low-dose of gamma radiation early in life and were exposed to magnetic fields for their entire lifetime, developed higher than expected rates of three different types of cancer: Breast cancer and leukemia/lymphoma, as well as an extremely rare and obscure tumor, called malignant schwannoma of the heart.

We live in a wired world, ignoring potential threats from our devices
Phone owners assume – wrongly – that their devices already adhere to strong safety guidelines, not realizing that the current regulatory landscape is a sham.

“50+ EMF Safety Tips & Insights”*
Overview of Cell Phone & Wireless Technology Hazards
 June 2011 - "Whether one is concerned with radiation from cell phones, portable phones, wireless routers, cell towers, dirty electricity or smart meters, the core issue is that industry and government are conveniently ignoring the large body of science showing biological effects at non-heating levels of exposure"

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