Monday, 2 January 2017

Is there a Telus Micro-Cell Transmitter in front of your home?

Telus Micro-cell transmitters are popping up on utility poles across the province and we should be concerned about the radiation emitting from these transmitters without our informed consent. This service is for TELUS CUSTOMERS ONLY and yet we are all being exposed. Everyone knows the Fiber Optic Cable is the latest in technology and with a hard-wired connection is fast, secure and safe.  But Telus is misleading the public by failing to inform us of the proven health risks from these Micro-cells on the telephone poles and the wireless boxes connecting the cable to our homes.

Bidwell Place

Micro-cell transmitters on utility poles concern Langford residents
“The fibre optic is a benign cable,” said Scott, who lives on Fairway Avenue. “These are not benign, they’re sending out signals … The cable doesn’t pose a threat, the cell phone transmitter does.”


Langford residents still at odds with telecommunication giant
“My bottom line is they’re not being forthcoming … I value customer service and honesty,” she said. “I understand the technology moves along and I support that … but why aren’t they telling us when it’s outside our bedroom window?”

Telus Microcells

What are Micro-cell Transmitters?

Telus Microcell2
Huawei and TELUS to create 5G “Living Lab” in Downtown Vancouver
BC Premier Christy Clark visits Huawei headquarters in China to witness deal to help bring the world’s most advanced telecommunications technology to Vancouver


Please sign petition:  Unite Against Microcell Transmitters
We demand that Telus be required to report, with full disclosure, to all affected residents prior to installation of Microcell transmitters on telephone poles in residential neighbourhoods.

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