Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Your iPhone could cause irreversible eye damage and even make you blind, researchers warn

The Parliamentary Health Committee has directed Health Canada to provide a FULL scientific monograph on the 140 studies showing harm we identified missing from Safety Code 6.
This is NOT the recommendations based on the recent hearings but an additional motion that passed last Thursday April 30th!
"It was agreed, — That the Standing Committee on Health direct Health Canada to provide detailed information in the form of a full scientific monograph on the reasons for acceptance or rejection of 140 studies on EMR submitted by Canadians for Safe Technologies with regards to Safety Code 6."

Parliamentary Health Committee (HESA) Investigation into Safety Code 6 2015  - Health Canada is NOT Protecting Us
Listen to three days of testimony from Scientist, Medical Experts and the Industry on the Health Effects from Microwave Radiation Exposure from Wireless Devices.  There is an overwhelming amount of evidence proving this exposure is hurting our children in school.

Your iPhone could cause irreversible eye damage and even make you blind, researchers warn

"Never before in human history have we exposed our eyes to light that is so intense, for such long periods, from such an early age," she says


The Dangers of Wi-Fi (Wireless Radiation WiFi WLAN Internet Electromagnetic EMF side effects)

Wi-Fi connects electronic devices to wireless computer networks (wireless LAN) using electromagnetic radiation. Wi-Fi is installed in homes, schools, offices, stores, hotels, coffee shops, airports, libraries, hospitals, public buildings and even entire sections of cities. Wi-Fi signals are, unlike TV and radio signals, strong enough to penetrate concrete walls. Many health experts consider Wi-Fi radiation to be dangerous.

Please contact your MP and let them know you support Bill C-648

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