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Bill C-648 safety warnings and disclaimers to be posted on OUTSIDE of package of wireless devices

Press Release - Terrence Young (MP) Explains Private Members Bill C-648
On Monday January 19th 2015 Oakville Member of Parliament Terence Young announced multi-party support for his Private member’s Bill requiring manufacturers of wireless devices to place health warnings labels on their packaging.

Should Cellphones Come With Health Warnings?
Young said he wants the law to require manufacturers to put the advice that is now provided in booklets on the outside of the boxes instead.  He said one of the warnings these booklets now provide is to keep cellphones 25 millimetres away from the body. "If there's no risk, why do they tell you that?" Young asked. "It's all based on the precautionary principle; the precautionary principle is better safe than sorry."

Major Device Safety Warnings
Below is a list of warnings from every major manufacturer in the world found deep inside their user manuals warning consumers of the dangers of holding their device to the head or storing in pockets/bras. Most people have no idea. This information should be on the front package of every device.

Australian’s Telecommunications Giant sent a text message to its mobile customers to encourage them to take steps to help prevent their exposure to electromagnetic energy (EME)

Jimmy Gonzalez "Cell Phones Cause Cancer"
In honour of Jimmy’s efforts to warn people. He died a few weeks ago due to cell phone induced tumors. Please send to others to help get the word out by sharing on facebook at the very least."

Find your Member of Parliament using your Postal Code
Please write to your MP and tell them you support Bill C-648 to warn the public of serious long-term health risks from using wireless products

cc:  members of parliament to show your support for Bill C-648: see PDF attachment (note: copy and paste about 50 email addresses at a time)

Subject: Many thanks for Bill C 648

Dear Mr. Young,
I am writing a brief yet sincere and enthusiastic note to convey my thanks for your stance in parliament re cell phone labeling.  Also to the members from all parties who have supported you so far. 

Bill C 648, if it passes, will make a huge difference to the welfare and awareness of Canadians and others beyond our borders.  It is an important step.

Also, I thank you for the articulate and clear way you presented the facts at your press conference alongside C4ST.  

We need more people in our government who will do their due diligence, see beyond the status quo and speak for what is right.  You have done all three of these!

Please continue to pursue this line of thinking and action.  You have the support of countless people who have woken up to this issue, and will have more as time passes. 

 Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you!

Sent: January 20, 2015 11:52 AM
Subject: Bill C-648
Dear Mr. Hiebert,
Last December, Conservative MP, Oakville’s Terence Young, tabled a private member's bill, Bill C-648, or the Warning Labels for Radio Apparatus Act, that would require manufacturers to put warning labels on the outside packaging of cellphones and other electronic devices.

As a constituent in your riding, I ask you to support this bill. The issue of harm from radio frequency technology has long been a concern to me. I know that you will be the recipient of lobbying tactics from the telecommunications and technology industries on this bill. I understand that the harm potential of our wireless telecommunications devices can be reduced, but industry is dragging their feet on implementing such measures, due to related cost. How can the health of our citizens come in second to the profits of industry?? While Health Canada refuses to update Safety Code 6 to align it with international standards to protect our citizens, we must take the precautionary principle into our own hands and give the users of technology warning to protect themselves.

I enclose a couple of links to further educate you about the newest information about the harms that are related to our current wireless telecommunications devices:
This first link is to a video of a few minutes length in which an individual, who speaks from personal experience, addresses his plea for attention to the issue to his local government. Very powerful. He developed cancer in 3 sites of his body...where he used and and carried his cell phone. This gentleman demonstrates the risk is very real.
And this link takes you to a 20 minute video of a talk by Dr. Leif Salford, neurosurgeon and researcher about Electromagnetic Fields and Leakage of the Blood Brain Barrier ( and what that contributes to). Graphic and powerful information. 

Very clearly the precautionary principle should be inherent in our use of wireless technology. I strongly urge you to support Bill C-648.

Sent: January 20, 2015 10:30 AM
Subject: Bill C-648 re. health warning labeling on wireless devices

To the Honorable John Duncan,

Dear John,

As a member of your constituency, I am respectfully asking you for your support of Bill C-648 which was introduced yesterday by MP Terrence Young. 

During my efforts to prevent a cell tower to be constructed in Willow Point park right next to playgrounds in 2013, I did a large amount of research about the effects of wireless technology, electromagnetic fields, and microwave radiation. To this day, I keep following new studies. What deeply concerns me is, that the Wireless Industry influences publications to report in their favour and downplay warnings coming from honest, independent and highly regarded doctors and scientists. 

Your position gives you the opportunity to stand up against the Industry's disregard for public safety by supporting Bill C-648.

What every user needs to learn, is how to apply it safer, how to reduce exposure levels, and how to keep children protected. The public needs to hear much more about this issue, uncensored true information, not edited by powerful profit oriented manufacturers.

Let’s not have happen, what happened in San Francisco, where the city, after passing a similar bill, was blackmailed by the Wireless Industry such that the bill was withdrawn.
There is much information from trusted sources available, and if you require, I would be please to provide you with links.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

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