Saturday, 1 November 2014

Billion-Dollar iPad Scandal

Superintendent Deasy of Second Largest School District in U.S. will resign: Billion-dollar iPad scandal.  Deasy has come under fire because of problems with MiSiS, a new student records system, and his billion-dollar iPad program.  The program was suspended after Deasy received criticism over his close ties to Apple and Pearson, the company that manages the educational content ...follow the money!

The Wireless Industry is Committing Scientific Fraud
Dr George Carlos headed a $28 million research program funded by the cell-phone industry and when the research found adverse biological effects from the use of cell phones his funding was cut off, attempts were made to discredit him and his house burned down.

New Studies Show Health Risks from Wireless Tech
Have an iPhone 6? Make sure you hold it this far away from your body. When using a body-worn accessory to keep the phone five millimeters from the body, the SAR level is 1.18 for the iPhone 6 and 1.19 for the iPhone 6 Plus, according to data on Apple’s website.

New report and a call for an increase in IARC classification of RF radiation from a 2a (probable) human carcinogen to a 1—A HUMAN CARCINOGEN!!
“Highest HR was found for cases with first use before the age of 20 years. These results indicate a survival disadvantage for use of wireless phones in that patient group.”


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