Sunday, 1 June 2014

Workers Compensation Act, Occupational Health and Safety Regulation

The Occupational Health and Safety Regulations pertaining to restricted exposures in the workplace (schools) that is of great significance. I really don’t even understand how Wi-Fi is allowed in schools based upon these regulations. You will notice it states:

Workers Compensation Act, Occupational Health and Safety Regulation: Part 5 — Chemical Agents and Biological Agents

Section 5.57: Designated substances

(1) “If a substance identified as any of the following is present in the workplace, the employer must replace it, if practicable, with a material which reduces the risk to workers: (a) ACGIH A1 or A2, or IARC 1, 2A or 2B carcinogen”.

It goes on to state:

(2)  If it is not practicable to substitute a material which reduces the risk to workers, in accordance with subsection (1), the employer must implement an exposure control plan to maintain workers' exposure as low as reasonably achievable below the exposure limit established under section 5.48.
(3)  The exposure control plan must meet the requirements of section 5.54.
What does section 5.54 state?

5.54: Exposure control plan

(1) An exposure control plan must be implemented when

(a) exposure monitoring under section 5.53(3) indicates that a worker is or may be exposed to an air contaminant in excess of 50% of its exposure limit,

(b) measurement is not possible at 50% of the applicable exposure limit, or

(c) otherwise required by this Regulation.

(2)  The exposure control plan must incorporate the following elements:

(a) a statement of purpose and responsibilities;

(b) risk identification, assessment and control;

(c) education and training;

(d) written work procedures, when required;

(e) hygiene facilities and decontamination procedures, when required;

(f) health monitoring, when required;

(g) documentation, when required.

(3)  The plan must be reviewed at least annually and updated as necessary by the employer, in consultation with the joint committee or the worker health and safety representative, as applicable.

Clearly, according to OHS regulations, there is strict and comprehensive protocol to adhere to with any 2B carcinogen in the work/school environment. This would include regular RF monitoring for  levels. Please continue to bring this point forward as this is legally binding and school districts must adhere to these safety regulations or face liability issues.

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