Monday, 24 March 2014

March 2014 Update

New Flyer! Do you know where the WiFi/Bluetooth Antennas are on your child's iPad?
Did you know...
When an iPad’s WiFi is turned on, it emits a burst of microwave radiation approximately every four seconds. That makes 900 blasts per hour in the child’s hands, on their lap, or at their face and does not include any additional data signals resulting from uploading and downloading activities. The beacon signal from the iPad occurs every 4 seconds even when the user is not accessing the Internet.

Schools crack down on video streaming
How much of our money ear marked for ‘Education’ is being used to pay for video streaming movies and games for our children to be entertained on their wireless devices during school?

Peter Parker and Olle Johansson - The Richie Allen Show:  WiFi in schools

Calculated omissions by cell phone industry citing pickles in IARC Group 2B - Specifically Traditional Asian Pickles

Next time the industry attempts this kind of misdirection; the full facts can set there cord straight.

Health Canada – Additives in Food

Coffee - in IARC Group 2B - (urinary bladder)
Data has shown that women of childbearing age and children may be at greater risk from caffeine.





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