Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Do you know where the WiFi/Bluetooth Microwave Antennas are on your child’s iPad?

Did you know…

Ø  When a child holds an iPad in portrait mode on his/her lap or near his chest, that microwave radiation is penetrating through internal organs.

Ø  That when a child holds an iPad in landscape mode his/her hands will be covering the constantly transmitting antennas, obsorbing microwave radiation directly into the body.

Ø  When ifixit.com dissected a Wi-Fi+3G iPad, they discovered five antennas, including the frame of the LCD screen that is one giant antenna.

Ø   When an iPad's WiFi turned on, it emits a burst of microwave radiation approximately every four seconds. That makes 900 blasts per hour in the child’s hands, on their lap, or at their face and does not include any additional data signals resulting from uploading and downloading activities. The beacon signal from the iPad occurs every 4 seconds even when the user is not accessing the Internet. In other words, even if a child is only drawing or to playing games, they will still receives 900 bursts of microwave energy an hour as long as the WiFi antenna is left ‘On’.

Ø  The user manual recommends: “you can further limit your exposure by limiting the amount of time using iPad Wi-Fi+3G in wireless mode, since time is a factor in how much exposure a person receives, and by placing more distance between your body and iPad Wi-Fi + 3G, since exposure level drops off dramatically with distance.”

Ø  In the user manuals for the 2nd generation and newer models of iPad, Apple misinforms users that the WiFi and Bluetooth antennas are at the back of the iPad behind the Apple logo. That is inaccurate. The WiFi and Bluetooth antennas are actually at the bottom of the iPad next to the HOME button. With this fact being undisclosed, users (children) will be resting the iPad WiFi-Bluetooth antennas directly on their laps and bodies without knowing the risks. 

Note:  Putting an iPad on ‘airplane mode’ will initially turn off all antennas; however, WiFi and bluetooth antennas can be re-activated on their own without switching off the airplane mode. Therefore, an iPad showing ‘airplane mode’ is not a guarantee that all the antennas are off. It is important to check the antennas separately to ensure they are ALL turned ‘Off’. In addition, when the WiFi function on an iPad shows “Not Connected,” it does not mean the antenna is off, it only means there is no wireless network available

iPad WiFi Radiation with Wireless Router On (RF Meter with Sound) - NEW!


Tear Downs by iFixit.com on different iPad Models

Here is a list of the Specific Absorption Rate of all the currently available iPads, including Cellular+WiFi and WiFi-only models.

Apple says, “Read all safety information below and operating instructions before using iPad to avoid injury.”

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