Wednesday, 4 December 2013

The Royal Society of Canada is reviewing Health Canada's Exposure Standards - Safety Code 6

The Royal Society of Canada is in the process of reviewing Health Canada’s exposure standards (Safety Code 6) in relation to radio frequency radiation emitted by cell towers and all wireless technologies to determine if new safety standards are needed.

Currently standards do not recognize biological effects and only protect against acute thermal (heating) effects on the human body. Considering Canada’s exposure standards are amongst the laxest in the world, many would affirm change is desperately needed. These standards have remained essentially the same for several decades despite the fact use of wireless technologies has skyrocketed during that same time.

Rodney Palmer, a parent from Simcoe, Ontario, shared his son’s personal story and ill symptoms experienced when Wi-Fi was installed in their school and went on to share to the panel alarming information re other children in the school district who suffered cardiac arrest after the installation of commercial Wi-Fi networks in their schools.  Two children ultimately died from heart failure and two others had pacemakers implanted. Several others experience palpitations, arrhythmias and other cardiac problems.

When Rodney and Dr. Magda Havas suggested that these problems could be caused by Wi-Fi (microwave radiation) in their classrooms, several parents removed their children and the problems stopped. Some children scheduled to get pacemakers no longer required one once they were removed from the Wi-Fi environment in their schools.

Rodney Palmer’s presentation (18 min) Child affected by Wi-Fi
Learn what actions school officials took after two children died in Simcoe SD from cardiac arrest

Charlene Acres presentation (8min)  Child affected by Wi-Fi

Global News: 16:9 Investigation on Wi-Fi with Carol Jarvis (14 min)
Carol interviews children in the Peel School District in Ontario who are experiencing ill effects following Wi-Fi installation in their school


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