Sunday, 17 November 2013

I NEED YOUR SUPPORT- Monday Night 7:30 Victoria School Board, 556 Boleskine Rd

Please send out to any parents you know in the Victoria School District - Thank you

I realize this is last minute but the Victoria School District is going to pass a motion on Monday night at 7:30 to approve the installation of WiFi  for all Elementary Schools based on the VCPAC's recommendation of 20 parent school representatives.  I have sent you the VSD motions, the recommendations of the VCPAC, and the presentation I did last week on the results of the WiFi Survey. 

I am on the agenda Monday night to make another presentation and I plan on presenting the Victoria School Board with my grandsons story on how sick he becomes after being exposed to microwave radiation for long periods of time during school.  I am also going to present the board with my NON-CONSENT letter to let them know that I do not consent to having my grandson being exposed 6 hours a day 5 days a week

What you can do  - come to the meeting and show your support
                            - and/or send me your story on why you don't want your child exposed to microwave radiation (it can just be a couple of lines)
                            - and/or send me your NON-CONSENT letter to give to the board

My plan is to have everyone at the end of my presentation hand the board members a copy their stories or/and their non-consent letter.  If you are unable to attend I can find someone to present your story and/or non consent letter for you.  This is going to be our last chance to really show them that we are not happy about the installation of wifi routers in our schools when the BCCPAC, the GVTA and the BCTF all agree that we must protect our children and staff until we know for sure that there is no irreversible damage to children.  We must insist on existing hard wire for all our new technology.

Hope to hear from you
Janis Hoffmann

NOTE:  (I can make copies if you email me or  phone me first if you would like to fax me a copy of your letter or non-consent letter)

One in four parents, 25%, are concerned about the Health Risks from WiFi in Schools

Wi-Fi Non-Consent Form for Use in Schools,45,44

VCPAC recommendations to the Board

We recommend to the Greater Victoria Board of Education:
  • that WiFi installation be permitted in all schools.
  • that each school, prior to installation, must obtain the support of their school
    community (suggest using Selective Consultation – Policy 1163).
  • that the District monitors WiFi research and respond accordingly and promptly.
  • that the District maintains the most current technology designed to reduce overall radio
    frequency and microwave radiation emissions.
  • that schools respond to any environmental sensitivities reported by students

Victoria School Board Motions to Pass on Monday Night

Continue Monitoring WiFi Documentation
That the Board of Education of School District No. 61 continues to monitor documentation from the Vancouver Island Health Authority , the Provincial Health Officer, Health Canada and the World Health Organization with regard to the use of WiFi in Schools.  Further, the WiFi Committee recommends that the Board Reviews, on an annual basis. those recommendations and receives updates on any changes.

Allow Use of WiFi in Elementary Schools
Than the Board of Education of School District No. 61 allow the use of WiFi in elementary schools subject to each school first obtaining the support of their school community

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